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just like bike

April 21, 2024

With all the good/evil that is google, they make it very easy to create documents and keep track of them. google.docs beats the shit out of Microsoft's offerings in the same category. google makes it very easy to generate word clouds and look back on things. to sum it up. retrospectively. 


If I was technologically proficient I’d be sharing actual word clouds with you, not just screen shots of them. Then you could scroll over them with your cursor and the tally for each word would pop up as well as its percentage of the total word count. 


I recently created seven word clouds from this site in the past six years or so. I saved a few of them here, because they’re all so similar, there's no need to save seven. As you know I’m repeatedly repeating the same old shit. 


The words in the previous 12 years of this site are not so easy to clump together, to run the numbers. Perhaps I could refer back to the printed pages I have stored in large 3-ring binders from 2011, to tally word counts by hand with a pencil in a small spiral notebook. Or not. I’m pretty sure those 12 year’s word clouds would look a lot like these 6 year’s word clouds. Lather rinse repeat. 


In all the clouds like & bike are near the center. Over the years there are fewer legal messengers and more electric asses. More postcards bro. More junior juniors. Todd Beamer comes and goes. Let’s Roll. And there is always plenty of coffee and beer as well as shit fuck fucking fucks.  But I was happy to see there wasn’t much rain




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number 9

April 20, 2024

On the slow uphill grind that is my commute home I was rolling slowly up Cowlitz Road to the corner at Lincoln Way yesterday when a guy in a wheelchair approached the crosswalk. I gave him a little nod and when he knew I was going to wait for him, he rolled across Cowlitz, all the while saying “number nine, number nine, number nine” and I thought, whatever, just another U-district wack job. Until I realized he was a Beattles fan and only then did I understand that my new Justin Tucker shirt kicked off his Revolution 9 rant and perhaps he would proceed to repeat “number nine” 101 times over the next eight minutes and twenty-two seconds.  


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gunter glieben glauchen globen

April 18, 2024

Ode to the plumb bob

fashioned from found objects

aka  I.S.R.U.


stationary biking


hamster wheeling


busting ass

sweating balls

getting nowhere


m i s d i r e c t e d

energy      barking

up all the wrong trees


riding up hills

just                to

ride back down


clock in

clock out

40 hour repeat



route     rout



better to

burn out      than

fade away


Neil Young

if & only if

Def Leppard 


Rock of Ages

rock paper scissors

rock & hard place



renewable resources

you’d like to think


you’re the one

telling them

how it is






overhead projector





power point



unrealistic expectations


unobtainable     ideals


forbidden fruit

ferments to

sour grapes 


be careful

what you

wish for


six   of   one

half dozen

the other








to Wapner

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from me to you

April 17, 2024

what if I sent you a photo of a postcard


from me to you in 0.67 seconds


then proceeded to mail it to you


from me to you in 6 to 7 working days


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crow knows this & crow knows that

April 17, 2024

no talking

April 16, 2024

1 x 7

April 14, 2024

one more snifter

high plains drifter

down tube shifter

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April 12, 2024

not counting contingencies

53 degrees and overcast

don’t overthink it

today’s your Thursday

pre-ride preparations 

or lack thereof:

  • tall can coozie
  • cotton t-shirt
  • cotton hoodie
  • mini tool


what could possibly go wrong?

no way to boyscout out of this one



give me a 5mm wrench long enough and a pocket to put it in and I will move the world.


but what if it’s on the miniest mini tool in the world? 

"Big Time Mini Tool"


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meanwhile, have another beer

April 10, 2024





fall back

phantom nostalgia

rearview retrospect

with a nod

oh so subtle 

barely perceptible

messenger chin tilt 

to Our Lady of 

shoulda woulda inertia

ONEWAY or another

explain it away

look the other way

put it away

put it down

put it back

put it on the back      burner

pat on the back


all the goods

all that good stuff

bright side blindness

oblivious optimism

half-fulling everything

wishfully wishy-washy

that’s ok

That’s OK   you say

again and again

and again

It’s OK

it’s ok

until it’s not

fake it 

til you break it

then it’s not OK

maybe we’ll leave come springtime

meanwhile, have another beer


       –“Sunset Grill” Don Henley


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Tuesday afternoon

April 9, 2024

This little ditty goes out to Catarina. You know Cat. As I was in the midst of a text conversation with Cat about printing the internet. I was hopping on a bike to drop a couple postcards into a mailbox. Which in my zipcode means riding a mile or two or five to find a blue box. As an electric ass mailman my hands are in and out of mailboxes all day long, but I'm not at work this Tuesday afternoon. 


When I dropped off the postcards and found myself looking at Chuck’s hop shop what could I do except have a beer, a Cloudburst beer


Then I thought what if, what if I was writing in a notebook and then I took a photo of it and put it on the internet only to print it out later on paper in black & white to 3-hole punch it and file it away in a binder??? Spinning circles of futility. Circles too big to send in a text message.  


It’s not that I like this song. It’s that it really is Tuesday Afternoon so it fits in a sad sack, wet blanket, debbie downer way so much so it’s comical. 


My ride home from the Chuck’s mailbox was covered in a Charlie Brown cloud raining down real rain. Soaking soaked soak my socks kind of rain. But it’s ok, it's Tuesday afternoon, I'm just beginning to see, now I'm on my way... 

What if you wanted to look at some bullshit blog but that meant you had to submit a request in writing to your local librarian and then wait patiently while she schlepped out a hefty 3-ring binder or two for you to thumb through


would you?


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imagine, if you will

April 7, 2024

You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.

That's the signpost up ahead

—your next stop,

the T-shirt Zone

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today's bicycle

April 4, 2024



by Paul Fattaruso


is a book you need to read. a book I've referred to so many times over the years, that google fed me back my own photos when I was looking for the cover shot. a book I return to again and again every once in a while, as I did today on today's bicycle and yesterday on yesterday's bicycle too. 

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dry the rain

April 3, 2024



so 6 years ago bro

got an electric ass bathtub

whatever works




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yesterday was my Tuesday

April 3, 2024

speech & hearing

April 2, 2024

on the grid

off the grid


in the alley

parked out back


brick by brick

step by step


School of Social Work

Speech & Hearing bro


verso - recto

i know you know


aerial photo

if you say so


full circle

both here & there 


you are here

here you are


in more ways

than    one


in situ resource utilization

“who killed Bambi?”


that’s my jam

hurry up & wait


i don’t know

is it raining?


it’s not me it’s you

it’s not you it’s me


busy     busy 

busy bodies


chow down

eat it up


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brass tacks

April 1, 2024

this photo poached from THE RADAVIST

is just to get you to get to Shovel Research

they say you can't get there from here

but you're already there 


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March 30, 2024

"when life gives you lemons"

by Emily Wamsley


Wamsley is one of 18 Seattle artists in the Crow Show at Gray Sky Gallery in April 

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HAPPY happy JOY joy

March 27, 2024

you must have me 

confused with someone else

someone who gives a shit


as if


if and only if


if I had my druthers


this is my sidewalk


“I am”  I said


electric ass bathtub




in a glass ass house 




casting aspersions 


on a need to know basis


put on a happy face


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bigger fish to fry

March 26, 2024

got 99 problems

but a fish aint one


What is a postcard?


When does it stop

being a postcard? 


What is it 

if not a postcard? 


testing the limit

blurring the line


between postcard

and full-on flat


push the boundary

pay the postage 


pay the piper

pony up 


stay gold Ponyboy

silver & white paint too



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justa buncha pictures of 39

March 26, 2024


Lester Hayes gets a couple elbows in on Bobby's single-bar face mask

but Bobby gets in a kick

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passing, some kind of moving thing

March 24, 2024

Passing, passing

The blossom gives way to the fruit;

Both are necessary.

One passes into another. 

Bread exists to be broken

To sustain its purpose, 

The grape on the vine

Is wine in the making,

Crush it and it comes alive. 


      -Mathnavi I,  2930  Rumi


The spring quarter shall begin on the second Monday after the close of winter quarter and end on the eleventh Friday thereafter. The June commencement for UW Seattle shall be the Saturday immediately following the last day of spring quarter.


      -WAC 478-132-030  University calendar 


Some kind of verb.

Some kind of moving thing.

Something unseen.

Some hand is motioning

To rise, to rise, to rise.


      -Super Bon Bon  Soul Coughing


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i heard those guys are dicks

March 22, 2024

drank a ceremonial beer 

or two to three

in the alley

back alley

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move aside, and let the man go through. let the man go through.

March 21, 2024

A postcard can make your day, especially if it’s hand delivered by an electric ass mailman on a cargo bike. If it arrives during the spring break cherry blossom fiesta, even better. 


Nothing says spring break cherry blossom electric ass mailman shit show like Super Bon Bon. The song is from 1996 but it’s as if the lyrics came to me in a dream-like daze rolling around campus on the first day of spring 2024…

Super Bon Bon

   by Soul Coughing


Move aside,

And let the man go through.

Let the man go through.


If I stole

Somebody else's wave

To fly up.


If I rose

Up with the avenue

Behind me.


Some kind of verb.

Some kind of moving thing.

Something unseen.

Some hand is motioning

To rise, to rise, to rise.


Too fat, fat you must cut lean.

You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine,

Chump, change, and it's on, super bon bon

Super bon bon, Super bon bon.


And by

The phone

I live

In fear

Sheer Chance

Will draw

You in

To here.


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still life

March 20, 2024


still life with tall can


taller than tall can


ode to hiding in plain sight


every farmer who owns a donkey sees it


more people have been to Berlin than I have


ask me about Donkey sentences


ask me about Escher sentences


ask me about learned helplessness


ask me about still life with tall can photos that bring it all full circle back alley bro without even trying it all comes around


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ACS claw

March 18, 2024

What would you do if you were digging around in the garage and you pulled out a 14T ACS Claw from a ziploc freezer bag full of cogs and lock rings and bottom bracket cups and other assorted bike shit from yesteryear? 


you may ask yourself how did I get here? and you may ask yourself how can I incorporate this sweet 14T single speed freewheel into my life? and you may say to yourself, my god what have I done?  with 130 BCD cranks or even 110 this thing is crazy. After a minute on the gear-inch chart trying to do up a drive train with a chainring small enough to fall within the parameters of tired and old. No can do. 


But what you can do, is mount that shit on a telephone pole outside and call it art…   …stacked in a stack of big fat AGB washers so that those in the know know they can still reach up and give it a spin and get the satisfying sound of an ACS claw freewheeling from a telephone pole in a parking strip on the edge of Skyway.  Add biopace to taste. 



whatever it takes

Fuckin A+



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like a fish

March 18, 2024

bikes bicycle


bicycles bike bicycling


like a fish needs a bicycle


from 1201 to McKinleyville 


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as if

March 17, 2024


only only


if only

only if

as if

if and only if

iff <--->

what if

if then

then what

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green glitter grips

March 16, 2024

got that green Fuji at BikeWorks for $10 frame & fork, back when Daniel Boxer was working there. 


20+ years ago as those in the know know. 


Built up on 27 inch steel rims with a coaster brake. The front wheel was radially laced to a beefy BMX hub. Green glitter grips on a hacked down riser bar topped off with a Ritchey Force stem. 


That bike was fun. Even Travis Keene said it was “clean”


I sold it 13 years ago to another guy named Travis.


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87 Catarina Face

March 15, 2024

This photo brings me joy in 2024 because I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own digital camera outside the Hopvine in 2008 during the Volunteer Park Crit. They say you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.   That day I drank all day. 


87 Catarina? Is that kinda like a 71 Monte Carlo?  Kinda not really. 


87 is Litrell aka Justin. Catarina is Cat. And Face is Face, you know Matt. 


That Chris Murray PW arrow on the Ford pickup canopy directs the eye to 87 and then to Cat and then back to Face for the trifecta 


I don’t see much of those three these days but recently I’ve reached out to all 3. ONEWAY or another.  Or maybe they’ve reached out to me…  …it’s a small world afterall, it’s a small small world. 

That green Fuji there on the bike rack brought me joy but that's another story


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March 15, 2024

that one-of-a-kind kickstand hoodie was an alleycat prize from yesteryear

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