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take a bigger big big bite

October 23, 2016

clean lines

October 20, 2016

what if orange is the new Thursday

what if you worked in the Schwinn factory building stationary bike frames and it was a coveted position that all the Paramount builders wanted

what if you put out 400 watts for 17 minutes and didn't make any progress

what if you worked hard for 40 hours a week and had nothing to show for it like you couldn't look back over your shoulder and see that you made a difference 

what if you bought a laundry rack at a yard sale and skipped all the bullshit because stationary bikes turn into laundry racks like Nordic Tracks and all the other infomercial exercise machines 

what if you put this Schwinn in your front yard to wabi sabi into a lawn ornament like art. how long would it take until people said you were ahead of your time

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give me a Salsa stem and some el diablos and I will change the world

October 16, 2016

I have refurbished over 1.6 Billion bicycles but I have never worked on a Zebra until the day before yesterday.  Reaching into the bag of tricks only to pull out a 26.4 GT seatpost black not silver and that gold Shimano 44t 130bcd chainring. The Salsa stem stripped from an old Lemond sat for about 12 hours before it found a new home on this bike and those big chunky Suntour thumbies all frictioned out on that 6-speed freewheel complete this keep-your-chin-up urban utility pretty cool cro moly steel steed made in Taiwan about 25 years ago now waiting for someone in the 52cm size range to walk in and roll out.  

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looking at the future listening to the past

October 14, 2016

your job on a day like this, wouldn't want

October 14, 2016

ask me about learned helplessness

ask me about 5-year plans

i'll tell you a joke about Alchemy Goods

ask me about saccharine sincerity surpassed only by fucking fake friendliness 

ask me about collaborative work styles 

ask me about clipboards and white boards and data entry that's more work than the "work" it's keeping track of 

ask me about fucking horseshit

ask me about sustainability and graduate degrees 

i'll tell you a joke about rain legs


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social currency

October 9, 2016

what it is


what it used to be

no                really


selective memory



are we talking Columbia City?

that could be


brand loyalty

social currency



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Scott Mathauser walks into a bar

October 6, 2016

Scott Mathauser walks into a bar 

the bartender says, "excuse me sir, this is a hydraulic disc bar, we don't serve your kind here"

Scotty M says "it's cool, copy that. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your energy but I've been sitting at this bar for 30 years and the guys in back will take care of me. the names change the things come and go rise and fall this and that. this used to be a freestyle fixie bar and before that it was six or seventeen other things with some anodized purple shit along the way. you do your job and I'll keep sitting here" 

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the noise, bring

October 4, 2016

for best results squeeze from the bottom and flatten as you go

September 30, 2016

this one goes out to Dr 37 Mike

bar con on and on and on and on and

miles to go before I sleep 


how can that be in your solid state? 


PS   thanks to the person that dropped off the big Bianchi track bike and big blue bag o parts at Bike Works while I was in Vegas 

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it works every time

September 27, 2016

this photo from those guys down at DANK bags speaks on many levels as those in the know  know

this is just a hint a whiff  a wink a nod in that direction

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airconditioned astroturf authenticity

September 26, 2016

at interbike i saw a lot of this 1 x 12 shit. i saw some people i was really hoping to see. i saw some people i didn't expect to see. i saw a lot of electric fat bike bullshit. i saw some inspiring electric bike shit that could put some versatility back into my cargo bike. i saw some Cross Vegas velcro grass amazing UCI big time Euro racing machines from the VIP free beer viewing sections thanks to Sally and his substantial bike industry rolodex. 

i saw the PK RIPPER turn 40 with some sags and bulges in new places

i saw just a tiny bit of this

if you were there you would've seen this

i got really tired of it all and wanted to step out for some "fresh" air and all i saw was this. you can't get there from here. it's just across the street. but the street is an 8-lane freeway. please return to your casino and spend more money. 

Sally said "you're doing it wrong" and showed me the climate controlled consumer walkway between monumental casino hotels including the fake as fuck Irish pub that turned out to be more authentic feeling than any of the casino bars. then 1.5 days later kitty-corner from the pub I saw Pete Rose at a card table ready to sign autographs but nobody was there. nobody cared.


i'm holding back on my personal opinionated commentary on Las Vegas the city of unmet expectations false hope crushed dreams the overconsumption capitol of the world the ash tray of the US fake hair fake nails fake tan fake tits ask me how i really feel but after 2.25 days there i had my guard up as if everyone everywhere was trying to sell me something or get one over on me or overcharge me for a shitty cup of drip coffee because they were.  and all this paranoid skepticism this counterfeit authenticity this series of empty promises began to...

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when 10-speed meant 10-speed

September 19, 2016


I like to think I’m not that old school but I guess I kinda sorta am and many times I forget because almost all my coworkers are 26 fucking years old or younger. Not so long after seeing one of my bike computer collections Travis gave me this “bike computer”.  It was bolted to the bars of a sweet Schwinn circa 1974  wired to a monumentally big battery behind the seat tube.


Looking back to within a few years of that back in my day I had a speedometer the size of a keg cup bolted to the bars of my Sting Ray hardwired to the front wheel and when I say hardwired I mean it was a mechanical connection where the thingamajig near the hub rotation made things spin and the orange needle bounce on the gauge in an uber analog 70s way and I could get that thing over 17mph bombing down the big hills in the foothills of Spokane.


I’ve had a few bike computers in the past. But now I collect them and toss them in a bucket like fish heads and when that bucket runneth over I glue them down to a piece of plywood and call it art


The analog needles on that thing appeal to me but that label maker tape really impresses me the font 40 years later it’s crisp and clean and the adhesive is holding strong. This says to me Boeing Employee. By the way it's about the size of of your phone but thicker and three times heavier. No fluffy trendy shit there back when a ten speed was a ten speed cranks were 170mm handlebars were 38cm wide and top tubes were 56cm long no matter how tall or short the seat tubes were anywhere from 47 to 64cm. it wasn't geometry or ride quality it was mass production.  


the 1970s spitting distance from 12-speed and not that Sram $420 12-speed cassette horseshit. I mean...

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the tools to fix the one you've got

September 16, 2016

thank you Steve for this digital version

if anyone has the official actual physical tangible one of these that I can put in my wallet please send it to me and I'll send you some Onza pedals with all 3 elastomers or 5 pairs of Onza bar ends or 12 mega range 7-speed freewheels but you have to pay for shipping or you can just meet me at the warehouse and I'll give you a truckload of metal recycling and a case of 26" folding tires. 

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chain slip chain slap chain suck

September 16, 2016

less is more

more or less

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o m g

September 13, 2016

 I don't plug books very often but sometimes one jumps out and asks for attention. this one jumped so far out I'm getting both of my biological parents onto it and an old friend and now you too. I'm not reviewing it because it's been reviewed well here and here and here too.

now it's up to you


a few pw books re-viewed

Ten Points  by Bill Strickland 2007

Stoner  by John E Williams  1965

ninety-nine stories of GOD by Joy Williams 2016


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purple sparkle barbie bike brake housing

September 10, 2016

True Temper Cro-Moly hand made in the USA. it just feels better. it doesn't suck. steel gives off negative ions and has a different magnetic field around it or something like that. refurbished this little ditty the other day and when I say refurbished I mean I replaced every thing   every   single   little   fucking   thing on it except the seat post quick release. you may have noticed the cock-eyed brake pads in the photo and that's because I didn't replace them yet when the picture took and that cigarette butt was not staged it's actually on the ground lending a little old school authenticity to rapidly changing Columbia City. the opportunity to use some purple sparkle barbie-bike brake housing does not present itself very often and there is not a lot of orange compressionless housing sitting around either but this bike asked for it and Mike coughed up those sweet Dia Comp levers from his secret stash.  yes.

this 16.5" Trek 850 is only $369 at a little shop on Ferdinand Street

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archival quality triptych trip

September 10, 2016

drinking the kool aid

September 9, 2016

who can fix all those mail-order bikes that are assembled incorrectly? 

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black & white shoes after Labor Day

September 8, 2016

pants          NO

underwear NO

socks           NO

boots          YES


to be 3 and free to pee in the back yard


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NEW Studios pet-friendly near light rail $1850

September 8, 2016


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