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bike o rama o rama

December 18, 2014

at the Bike o Rama about 100 kids will walk through that door and get a bike to take home. This photo is just a hint  a whiff a sample of what will go down on Saturday and it's a sight to see.

it's only one facet of the Bike Works jewel but it's really fucking cool to see those kids and those families walk out with their bikes and their smiles.

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December 18, 1998

December 18, 2014

let's roll

December 16, 2014

all I want for Christmas is a Todd Beamer slouch beanie 

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high resolution digital photos of analog watches

December 15, 2014

 got this trusty Timex when I turned off my flip phone and took a 12-year step into the present day with a 4G blah blah blah device that does way too much but actually costs less each month because a big part of phantom flip phone syndrome is reaching into my pocket to check what time it is on that cute little digital screen that lights up when I press the button.

reaching for it but it's not there


ask me about:

phantom ass pocket U-lock syndrome

phantom nostalgia syndrome

Peter Pan syndrome

I don’t miss the phone that I used for an average of 3.5 minutes each billing cycle or the little Barbie sized camera. But I did miss having something to tell me the time. So I got this watch. It tells time.

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standing the fuck by

December 14, 2014

here is the photo retrospective from 5 or 7 or 8 years ago that we discussed earlier    all these shots were within spitting distance of Monorail 











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Trek 400 - 63.5 cm - $357

December 13, 2014

 sprucing up a seemingly endless string of aluminum front suspension upright comfort hybrids when I finally get my hands on some old steel it just feels better. This Trek 400 was hand built in Waterloo 30 years ago and now it’s cleaned up and ready to roll for another 30 years.

this tall drink of retro is only $357 at BikeWorks

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2014 Year in Review TOP TEN top 10 lists

December 10, 2014

just kidding.

you won't see that shit here.


what's hot    what's not

      trending ... 



twinkle  twinkle   blah  blah  blah    e t c 

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I spy a wildcard

December 10, 2014

uniform spoke tension

December 8, 2014

tectonic friction shift

December 7, 2014

 the same 27 keywords keep popping up here because they mean something to me it’s not that I’m SEOing or maybe I am and I have been since before search engines existed. Finding what works and working it into the ground.

7 speed thumb shifters


they work for me


7 speed cassettes spaced out on 8 9 10 freehub bodies



walking the walk long before talking the talk

the same old photos keep popping up here because they mean something to me moving forward looking back. looking to the future through the framework of the past filling in the gaps with 5-gallon buckets of structural spackle applied with a straight blade shovel and smoothed over by the nostalgically gauze filtered hazy history of selective memory.

those were the days?? really?


i’ve had a 3.2 megapixel camera for 10 years because it worked for me as well as flipping a flip phone when I finally got around to getting a cell phone and now and now and now what the fuck am I doing holding a mega megapixel camera that makes funny noises and if I hold it against my face I can talk into it and hear voices if I can just figure out how to turn it on or off.


skuffing along dragging my feet into the 21st century





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what would Hickman do? v2.1a

December 3, 2014

Chris Murray photo



when it's 27 degrees in December

it's important to remember

to work a little RAGBRAI into the day   

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another year older, budweiser

December 1, 2014




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39 is 40 on N30

November 30, 2014

please make a note of it

November 27, 2014

Bike Works

Warehouse SALE

Sunday   January 25, 2015



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100% merino wool bilateral symmetry

November 27, 2014

ambidextrously giving or getting two thumbs up from our lady of long sleeves    

living mindfully in the margins of utility 

an Italian-made thriftstore sweater silkscreened by pilderwasser for $170 less than that which they call a bike jersey 

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any given Sunday 6 days

November 23, 2014

note the official NFL SanFrancisco 49ers pacifier

sucky sucky long time 



what day is it?  

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that's what they want you to think

November 20, 2014

to put a finger on it

don't ask questions

swallow it whole


black Friday 

shopping days 'til Christmas



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fingering the hard to put a finger on

November 18, 2014

giving them the finger ten times or just once on each finger it’s how you figure your fingers firmly fixated on the hole in the donut unable to see the whole donut but a swift kick in the balls helps one take one step back and refocus with a grease smudged lens and a new hitch in the get along low sodium black olives add salt to taste

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loose balls

November 16, 2014

if it's not one thing it's another

November 12, 2014

 saw a pair of tuxedo cats on Stevil’s site the other day and it reminded me of a brother sister pair I had on hand for 17 years or so     so I went looking for pictures of my cats in my photographic memory and I found a photo of Brad with a lowercase g theme which reminded me of other things and things other

Brad passed a few years ago and that lowercase g got spray painted black and now lives on the wall in the shop (see photo above)

in the last two weeks I’ve heard from three different people about the people in the photo below:

Pham got married

Sam didn’t                        and

Reed makes kickass marionettes


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