a quality of life issue

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September 4, 2015

proximity leads to assumptions but this isn't a Car 2 Go commercial 

I caught a glimpse of 25 on his whirlwind tour through town and 39 caught a photo of the moment. the guy on crutches was the one taking the pictures

speaking of 39 he's packing a real hardware store around holding his busted foot together so you can send him some positive thoughts and negative ions with your mind  (no joke, it works) or use your voice or your actual presence and bring him a beer and some beef jerky for fucks sake

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september morn

September 1, 2015

September mornings still can make me feel that way 


Old Mother Hubbard went to the keg

to pour her poor dog a beer

when she came there

the keg was bare

so that poor dog drank Rainier 


it's good to have a back-up plan

filling in the gaps

connecting the dots


living in the present

looking to the future

maintaining a healthy respect for the past

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it really is a quality of life issue

August 29, 2015

i know it when i see it

August 29, 2015

In 'n' Out of Grace

August 28, 2015

----- boost 148 ----- whatever...

August 27, 2015

load pull - tongue weight - trailer shimmy

August 25, 2015

ask me about the GCVW of a 1987 Shogun Alpine GT and ye olde Burley

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what Waterloo means to you

August 23, 2015

yesterday I got my hands on this 19” Bontrager Privateer

bikes like this seem to give off energy that is to say I’m energized by them or maybe it’s just that they don’t slowly suck the life out of me like the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of aluminum front suspension upright comfort grip shift shit bikes I’ve refurbished in the last 39 months  

during that time a few bikes stand out in memory and this is one of them one that I would not be embarrassed to be seen riding in public one that I enjoyed working on and took for an unusually long test ride when it was done  

the Bontrager Privateer was handmade in Waterloo, Wisconsin because Trek absorbed Bontrager bikes and cranked out sweet hard tail mtb frames in the late 90s  

this bike came with blown out Rock Shox circa 1997 and non-descript aftermarket 8-speed grip shift in addition to all its trusty XT and LX derailleurs and brakes and cranks. I reached into the magic used bike part basket and came out with some XT 7 speed thumbies a Fizik saddle some big fat Odyssey pedals and a Ritchey flat bar and then walked over to the fork library and checked out an overbuilt cro moly Bianchi mtb fork which you might recall was a byproduct of that shifter demo I built a while back completely completing the recycle & reuse circle and without the hand-wringing hair-pulling old-mountain-bike-discussion-forum-consulting because I wasn’t worried too much about suspension correction and I work with what I have because I have to in any case the end result looked and felt just fine while the goofy stack of headset spacers may actually be a topic of discussion that and a few new parts (grips, tires, chain, cassette, brake pads and all cables & housing) bring the bike into 2015 ready to roll home with a new owner for only $366 at Bike Works.  


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pick your battles

August 21, 2015

Craig Etheridge photo

there's a truck in the bike lane

go around it and get on with your life


call your City Council person

and write to seattlebikeblog



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broom wagon

August 19, 2015

the broom wagon has nothing to do with anything except everything not just that I ride past it twice a day coming and going with occasional test ride jaunts keeping in mind I’ve watched Triplets of Belleville 10001 times and counting keeping it fresh in my mind this is the coolest broom wagon ever if ever I needed a broom wagon for a certain function I would borrow this one that lives in Columbia City the Columbia City that is just another Seattle neighborhood in transition with gigantic apartments featuring street level retail and white hot real estate inflated by the influx of 43000 Amazon employees as mentioned in recent New York Times article taking a peek at the workplace culture which I think is amusing curious comical interesting but what I really feel hitting home is the ripples radiating from that workplace bullshit and the studio apartments that now rent for 4 times what they did when I lived in them or how these recent 26 year old transplants behave when they’re not at work how they drive on the streets how they walk on sidewalks how they wait in line in grocery stores order dinner in restaurants and how they tip the bartender.  are they good neighbors? in their townhouses stacked upon single family homes in established single family neighborhoods or something like that


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tangible results

August 19, 2015

the next next hardest button to button

August 18, 2015

fingering the hard to put a finger on

this time it's for real

still fun & games because there's no price tag on it

taken out of context and tossed in a bucket

until the bucket     runneth          over

then they're pasted into context a new-new

hang it on the wall 

call it art

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mirror check signal head check change

August 17, 2015

blew out his flip flop, stepped on a pop top

August 14, 2015


take it easy Steve

Get Well Soon

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the paradigm shift will not be indexed

August 12, 2015

please take a moment to locate the exit nearest you

keep in mind   it may be behind you

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urban density

August 12, 2015

I poached these photos from DC Courier to remind you of the South Lake Union neighborhood circa 2003 when Seattle hosted CMWC before you read this article

Urban density appeals to me more than suburban sprawl but a nearly complete lack of planning is crazy, stupid, dense. Another BOOM in the boom-bust cycle and then another 15 years or so to try and catch up retroactively to the decisions that weren't made in advance. The dog is walking its owner all over town. 



[den-si-tee]    noun
1.  the state or quality of being dense; compactness; closely set 
2.  stupidity; slow-wittedness; obtuseness.
3.  the number of inhabitants, dwellings, or the like, per unit area

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product placement brand recognition

August 10, 2015

GET OUT what you input

August 10, 2015

in the unique ecosystem

that is the life cycle of a recycled bicycle

even parasites serve a purpose

Flipper was a famous porpoise

flippers serve a purpose


beneficial bacteria

in the digestive tract

we want them around

their work     we let them do 

so we can continue to do ours too


after all

I’m flipping bicycles 

in the name of earned income

youth and adult programs

non profit community bike shop

and so on and    so    on




the vessel

the vehicle

the conduit

to  so  much    more


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that which we call a seat cover by any other name would smell as sweet

August 10, 2015


if you say it's a seat cover then it's a seat cover. a rose is a rose is a rose. can't you smell that smell. you may call it a seat cover but I would call it a dust mitt stuffed with pot holders and safety pinned over this guy's saddle. I wanted to look away but I was drawn to it like the lone chunk of styrofoam washed up on an otherwise pristine beach. for me it evokes a prehistoric bird or a maybe a star wars character.

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take two of these and call me in the morning

August 7, 2015


someone I know is 2 years old today

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