a quality of life issue

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help wanted help

February 5, 2016

BikeWorks needs help for real   really

the Dunning-Kruger effect in full effect

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ode to the quill stem

February 4, 2016

nearly two years later

February 4, 2016

the Denny isn't quite ready for the road

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February 1, 2016


pull over

smell the flowers

7 minutes to vulcanize

(spread evenly      press firmly)

(inflate to recommended psi)

and you’re on your way    again

back on the road

the road to freedom

freedom from traffic

 bus schedules

 seasonal timetables

 peak-fare two-zone transfers

freedom from carpools full of

 stuffy overly-perfumed idle chit chat

freedom found in that

 cute little self-contained box of independence

called a patch kit

--it fits--

in the palm of your hand

in your travel plans



i've never hashtagged anything until today and i don't plan on doing it again anytime soon but this is for a good cause with a not so catchy name.  i haven't patched an inner tube in a while but i could if i had to.  i know Jonny Sundt hasn't patched a tube since 1994. 

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after market upgrades

January 30, 2016

rebuilt the headset with custom machined races and ceramic bearings

replaced the OE axle nuts with titanium 

rebuilt the purple steel wheels with alloy nipples


replaced the princess seat with a waterlogged Schwinn tractor saddle

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did you ever know that you're my we don't need another hero

January 29, 2016

nineteen ninety one motherfucker -Ice T





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that bike

January 24, 2016

free form free from functional fixedness

January 24, 2016

free from functional fixedness free form 

where others see a box of bar ends collecting dust from the late 90s I see a trophy set of elk antlers mounted on the wall or an 8-foot long sign spelling out the name of a nonprofit community bike shop it's not just a bin of used kickstands it's a basket full of unused potential ready to be taken out of context and put back in on a larger than life Greenfield porcupine spray painted purple 

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do you still remember December's foggy freeze

January 22, 2016

Sitting on a Park Bench... not really in a Jethro Tull way but how can you not chuckle out some Aqualung lyrics when you're cracking open a beer in a park in January snot running down your nose  seriously really sincerely for real please take a moment to locate the DANK bags tag on that coozie

it's a recurring theme as in has been will continue to be same as it ever was on the weekends and the rest of the days 


wanna come upstairs and see my pictures-of-coozies collection? 

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January 21, 2016

                                                                                         Danny Really 

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comes around round

January 20, 2016

I'm not talking about Justin Timberlake more Beastie Boys and more like finding $20 in the parking lot then going inside to buy beer only to leave it in the parking lot for the next guy it comes around one way or another and if you don't think it will it will when you least expect it or in a way you never thought possible it's not really payback because you never really had it in the first place it wasn't really yours to lose it just passed through your fingers like beer when your red plastic keg cup runneth over

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in another world

January 18, 2016

precision vs accuracy

January 16, 2016

it makes sense, for real, really

January 14, 2016


you won't find me on facebook but you can find this event there

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fork rake treasure trail

January 13, 2016


Bret in ABQ sent me this link about a bike drive that's kind of right up my alley but the photo is more interesting to me because I can see the bicycle/BBQ assembly temp worker at the big box store slapping together bikes out of the box as fast as he can working on commission and if the fork is backwards that's OK the bike just handles a bit differently as he flips a coin with a 50-50 chance of getting it right because the brakes can go on either way so some of the bikes have a little shorter wheel base and ride kinda funny but the BBQs look great. 

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barking up the wrong tree

January 12, 2016

it’s the little things

don’t sweat the small stuff

thanks for everything

thanks for nothing

we appreciate your attention to detail

what the fuck are you looking at

it’s not about efficiency


“quality of life”

you can’t use that shit on me

barking up the wrong tree

misdirected energy

calories empty

whole systems

missed disconnections

spinning circles

running in place

treading water

virtual reality really


it feels like accomplishment

waste management

thankless task thanks

behind the scenes

sisyphean both ways

Marcus and Narcissa  

position missionary

separated at birth






tax on me

anti entropy machinery

backtracking redundantly

pushing the river

redirecting the flow

through tissue paper funnels

bifurcating in triplicate

please press firmly

you’re making three copies


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wide left XVII

January 11, 2016

brake chattering fork shimmy

January 7, 2016

hand made in Ashland, Oregon this is 87's ti bike circa 2007.

shuttering front brakes aren't that big of a deal for the average rider but when you can ride nose wheelies down the block you need to have confidence in your front brakes. 

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why the long face?

January 6, 2016

this is the best base layer you've never owned. no joke. and not only that   it's made in Grays Harbor County. they know a little something about getting wet in Grays Harbor and you don't have to go hunting or fishing when you wear it   you can ride a bike in it too. my get-up has always been a mish mash of thrift store and Christmas gifts and this was a Christmas gift that keeps on giving I have been wearing the long sleeve crew neck since December 25 nonstop. it's great. it's so thick it crosses the line from base layer to insulating layer if you're actually active here in the 206. 


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swallow it whole

January 5, 2016

it's all in your mind 


there's no better place to be

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