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Red Right 88

November 27, 2023

Operating under the assumption that I’m the only person you know with a Don Cockroft card, or two, stapled to the wall of their garage. Cockroft was a kicker for 13 seasons with the Cleveland Browns. The first 9 of those seasons he was both the punter and the kicker. 

His last game in the NFL was the infamous Red Right 88. January 4th, 1981. A playoff game between the Browns and the Raiders. The game lives on as a bad memory in the string of bad sports memories for Cleveland fans. In that game, Cockroft missed two field goals, had an extra point blocked and the snap was muffed on another extrapoint. The coaches were not feeling too confident going for a field goal to win the game. Years later Cockroft revealed how bad of shape he was in that day, with two herniated discs and the fact that he needed four epidurals to make it through the season. 

I started collecting football cards in 4th and 5th grade. I have vague memories of Jim Plunkett, Lester Hayes, Brian Sipe and Ozzie Newsome. But I have no recollection of Don Cockroft. These football cards inspired me to learn a little history.


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Cantwellian Dystopia treadmill

November 22, 2023

Big Time time. Big Time. Celebrating 35 years in business. With a slight Purple & Gold variation on the classic logo theme. Nothing says happy anniversary like a black hoodie. 

we're all within six degrees of Dick Cantwell

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Le Tour

November 22, 2023

got this professionally framed photo (24” x 30”) yesterday for only $7.49 at Ye Olde Surplus Shoppe. Now I just need to get a coworker to drive it to Skyway someday after work. 

One of you cycling fans out there can probably tell me what year this shot was taken. I'm guessing 1997, plus or minus three years. 

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

November 21, 2023

I'm not making this shit up. Mark W. sent me this, it's a bike rack outside a church in Everett, Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

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tall drip

November 20, 2023

Using a reusable cup not for the 7 cent your-own-cup discount but because I’m single-handedly saving the planet one throw away cup at a time. Somewhere between here and there last week,  I lost the lid to my favorite coffee cup. Which isn’t really a big deal except when I want to ride away before I finish my coffee and it splashes all over my ankles until it all splashes out and then I have no more coffee and my socks are wet. 

Visiting my favorite thrift store recently seeking another other coffee cup I came upon a polished steel nearly newly new 12 ounce Grey Goose vacuum sealed tumbler for $1.74. It hits the spot. With the look and feel of a tall can it holds 12 ounces and it fits right in on my continuum. Full on phantom nostalgia syndrome. Full of hot coffee feeling like a cold beer. Holding on and standing by in the rain wondering why.  It fits right in on my Profile Design cup holder too with the assistance of a child-size pilderwasser bracelet to snug it up. My last coffee cup was rather short & stout so it blew the bottle cage out. extended exstruded extrapolated.  The cute little pw bracelet is reigning it back in. If you zoom in you’ll see the unmistakable letters of the live-wrong bracelets Bill Brady brought to RAGBRAI more than once. I'm wearing one as we speak (as seen in the postcard photos below) I just happen to have a ziplock bag full of those things sitting around waiting for a job to do. A job like this. Another example of in situ resource utilization…  

…ISRU fucking kidding me? 

pill identifier?

pillow officer? 

piss water?

is it raining? 

is Grinnell in Idaho? or Ohio? 

Look Ma, no lid


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nineteen seventy two to you two too

November 20, 2023

grande iced white chocolate mocha

November 17, 2023

Did you get your elk?

bike's too small bro

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two crows walk into a bar...

November 16, 2023

group of crows : a murder :: group of ravens : an unkindness

I see a fender

and I want it painted black

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black & white & read all over

November 16, 2023

Q: what’s black & white & read all over?

A: pilderwasser stickers

Strategically stuck all across Iowa in late July. Thank you Chris Murray. Sporadically stuck in other cities and towns all over the country throughout the year. Thanks again Chris Murray. 


Q: is this heaven?

A: no. it’s Iowa

Like it’s 1989. Nothing says baseball like a Kevin Costner movie says baseball. 


Q: is this real life?

A: yes. it’s Applied Physics bro

You know, Henderson Hall at 1013 NE 40th Street. You’ve been by it a million times even if you never paid attention to the name. Tucked in the northeast armpit of the University Bridge, a stone's throw from the Wall of Death, on your way to Fremont or Recycled Cycles. I strategically stuck this sticker many moons ago and it keeps on keeping on keeping right pointing the way. 



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zine ziner zinest

November 15, 2023

Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines

November 17, 2023–March 31, 2024

at the Brooklyn Museum


there will be no kickstands in that carefully curated collection in Brooklyn


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one hand clapping

November 14, 2023

price quotes:


“I’d buy that for a dollar” –Robocop


“I want my two dollars” –Better Off Dead


“How’d you like to make $14 the hard way?” –Caddyshack


The cost of living is riding on a vector that’s out of control in both magnitude and direction. So I’m not sure what the going rate is these days in the 98105 on Boat Street or even the 98118 on Ferdinand Street,  but I got these for $5. Perhaps only because Andy Voight rang me up. 


To the untrained eye these look like a pair of beat down brake levers. But those in-the-know know these levers will last another 20 years.  These levers kick ass. 


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is this real life?

November 13, 2023

department of redundancy department

dispensable disposable expendable

repeatedly repeating


stating the obvious


professing profusely 




blah blah blah

iterating reiterations 

sporting two belts 

suspenders too




cost benefit 

analysis paralysis

invert & multiply

difficult to quantify

loss of joy



is this real life?

David After Dentist

Alaska Airlines Pilot

same shit

different drug

pick your poison

side effects may include

you're totally fucked




trial & error trial









what is what

is what is

they want 

you to think

that is that

lesser of two evils

flip a coin

roll the dice

draw a straw

long haul

short game

same same

same difference

status quo 

so six years ago





to avoid delays

receiving your mail

please inform

correspondents of

your correct address


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stuck together like a readymade

November 10, 2023

110 years ago Duchamp stuck a fork in a stool, mounted a wheel and called it art 


25 years ago I was bombing down Denny on the way to work. A guy in a Cadillac was messing with me. Perhaps he was angry that he had to pass a cyclist at 8 in the morning. I believe he got in front of me and intentionally slammed on his brakes in the middle of the Denny descent over I-5. 


I stacked it up onto the back of his car. The guy got out looking a bit surprised. I didn’t say anything except “my bike scratched the shit out of your car” When I climbed off the trunk and picked up my bike, I spun the front wheel and it was fine so I thought my bike was fine too. I rode away. But it only took a moment on the bike to realize the fork was fucked. 


That’s the fork with the unique rake that wound up in my version of Bicycle Wheel. 

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they took all the trees put em in a tree museum

November 9, 2023

Just a flash 

Just a phase

Just a fad

Just a thought

Just a notion

Just a shadow

Just a bit outside

Just a little off the top

Just a Joni Mitchell song

Just a click away

Just a shot away

Just a kid

Just a friend

Just a joke

Just a poke

Just a splash

Just a tickle

Just a twinkle

Just a sprinkle

Just a nibble

Just a nipple

Just a nip

Just a tip

Just a tich

Just a touch

Just a swig

Just a swag

Just a look

Just a glance

Just a chance

Just a whiff

Just a beer

Just a nudge

Just a hunch

Just a pinch

Just a reminder

Just a round corner

Just a wake up call

Just a kick in the balls

Just a cup check

Just a gut punch

Just a google


Just a liberal arts degree

Just a walk in the park

Just a hop skip & jump

Just a quality of life issue


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greener grass

November 7, 2023

If anyone knows about quality of life issues it’s Mr. Lane Kagay. He also knows the grass is greener in Eugene. 


Yesterday Lane sent along this still life. I like to call it:  portrait of the artist as product placement, brand recognition and consumer loyalty. 


Please take a moment to direct your attention to the CETMA site and check out the powder coating options.  


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ask me if it's raining

November 6, 2023

ode to the local bike shop

November 4, 2023

Counterbalance Bikes is closing in a week or so. I plan to make one final visit to say hello - goodbye to Peter as I roll along the U-Village Silvercloud Burke Gilman route on an electric assist bathtub. 

there goes the neighborhood

there goes the local bike shop

Adam, Jake & Peter opened Counterbalance at 2 West Roy Street in 2000. Peter took over and it moved to the Blakeley Burke Gilman spot formerly known as Ti Cycles II. 

You can read more here where the comments are often more entertaining than the content

Digging through the photographic memory I found these shots of Sam and Todd during a Boat Street Crit with C. Forest Hoag lurking in the background. 17 years later I often find myself loitering on Boat Street and that building in the back is UW Box #355100 but you can address it to #355020.

Jake racing CMWC Seattle 2003

this may or may not be a Tyler Goldsmith photo but that is Adam at the Store Room in the late 90s


Counterbalance Closing Sale

closed on Mondays bro

visualize your new bike shop here

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oh Brad - 20 years later

November 3, 2023

So the boss says to me     three weeks ago you delivered this box to this mailroom       do you remember it? glazed over    I stare    not really at him     but at the empty space off in the distance over his left shoulder    pausing and waiting    for a beat or two     expecting a punch line      like     are you fucking kidding me?     I delivered a shit ton of boxes in the past three weeks why would I remember any of them…   …if the barcode scan says I delivered it    then I guess I  delivered it    but that does not mean I remember it    what day is it? 


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pilder asser

November 2, 2023

on the Ave


for a moment



just to see

a man about a horse



Way NE

google me



same shit

different bike

plus or minus

24 hours



just to see

that man about that horse


one way 

or another



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SEA-FAB ritual

November 1, 2023

our lady of the short americano

no room

short short

like like

like really like 

no words needed

the usual

approach the alter

offering up

swipe   insert   tap 

leave a tip


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