a quality of life issue

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fuck facebookization

November 30, 2015

can't hold a candle to you

November 29, 2015

this will be your only chance to buy one-of-a-kind onesies thoughtfully created one-at-a-time on a Rainier Beach basement workbench in 2015

buy local     really really local

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bloody mary on the coffee-beer continuum

November 26, 2015

Hand Turkey by FunkyBunnies

Hand Turkey Thanksgiving

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rosy retrospection

November 24, 2015

it's the water

November 22, 2015

it’s not the car that pulls out in front of you

it’s the car right behind that one


it’s like she’s looking right through you


it’s not really reality

it’s how it appears on Facebook


it’s fucking horseshit


it wasn’t always this way

it won’t always be this way


it’s learned helplessness


it’s not an autopilot problem

it’s a manual override problem


it’s almost unincorporated King County


it was cool until it wasn’t                 then

it wasn’t cool


it seemed like a good idea at the time


it makes sense

it’s a quality of life issue


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sweater weather 365.25 days

November 21, 2015

burnt cheese

November 19, 2015

it’s a slow steady imperceptible decline punctuated by occasional kicks to the groin which shed some light on the subject and by putting things in perspective raise a few questions like “have I really lost a step?”  the truth is you never had that step to begin with and you’ve lost another step    not that step     that step    and it’s time to recalibrate the calipers because you've been sending all those 27.2s to market labeled 26.8




ask me about the Dunning-Kruger effect and how the effect of naming anything an effect can affect my affect

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there's only one i in Castelli

November 17, 2015

proximity can lead to an illusory correlation but only for a second in this case a production run of one there is no creative collaboration only a thriftstore silkscreen jacket and there's still no i in go fuck yourself 

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check the technique XVII

November 15, 2015

Where's Dave?

November 12, 2015

elemeno P

November 10, 2015

take two of these and call me angel in the morning

November 9, 2015

could be a 'you' in Showers Pass

November 8, 2015


there’s still no I in Showers Pass but there could be a you someday.


Showers Pass is from PDX and they know what’s up when it’s coming down and it tends to come down a lot here in Cascadia during the winter as we’re the yin to the rain shadow’s yang.  this could be a full-on product review if I actually wore the jacket on my bike for a month day in day out but all I did was try it on and stuff it back in its original packaging.


please note it’s a Large but it’s got a “full fit”  it’s big enough to wear a bunch of bulky layers underneath as if bike commuters dress like sedentary parking lot attendants. it feels much more like an XL in my experience. bike clothing manufacturers make up their own rules. a Large Castelli jacket would fit me like a tight medium.  If you think this jacket could be for you please see the sizing chart for the full explanation of sizes and styles and fits before you buy one of these.


if I could do it all again I’d get a medium and wear the shit out of it and then I could give you full-on Kevin’s mom product review. but from what I’ve seen I give it two thumbs up for casual strolls and short commutes and everyday rainy day jacket wear that doesn’t scream “I’m a Dexter Avenue Warrior hear me roar! Look at me I’m a fucking bike commuter!” when you just want to buy a six pack or go to the dentist or get on with your life black is the new black and the 3M reflective details help a little bit on dark rainy nights with your conspicuity.

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there's still no 'i' in Assos

November 3, 2015

my “rain gear” has always been a mishmash of thriftstore deals layered in with a few memorable Christmas gifts and ground scores. It’s a compromise just like everything else you can’t win ‘em all (unless you’re a catholic high school football team) if it keeps the water out it keeps the water in aka keeps the rain out but you soak in your own sweat


my first Seattle bike commuter rain jacket was a full-on rubber hooded Helly Hansen yellow fisherman classic from Chubby & Tubby and the words technical breathable even cycling apparel were not in lexicon of this grocery store deli worker recent liberal arts graduate bike commuter.


trying too hard to look like you’re not trying too hard is comical and it’s ok to laugh at them when you were once one of them it’s not ridicule it’s recognition sizing them up they wouldn’t last one winter in the mildest of cities in winter as a bike messenger one doesn’t want to look like an REI catalog one wants some degree of authenticity and there will be no rain legs and no swishy pants   no  no              no


in my present state as a crusty old bike commuter I was recently looking at rain jackets and stumbled upon the Assos jacket in the photo above available through Colorado Cyclist for $578.99 and I cannot keep from coming back to it stumbling over the digits in the price re-reading the description and visualizing actually wearing this thing getting grease on it ripping it on a frayed brake cable or my cat’s claws snagging it wondering if insurance will cover it in the index of leading economic indicators this is fucking horseshit



I respect Assos products in a second hand thriftstore just a tiny fraction of MSRP kind of way but I have huge respect for their print catalogs arriving in the mail even though they were addressed to Jeff Nachtigal their top notch high quality visual presentation is packaged well            very well       tactile     even the smell



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dig deeper

November 3, 2015

is it raining?

November 2, 2015

set a goal to wear shorts every day until Halloween

that was no problem

what's next? 


what if your rain jacket cost $578.99 more than my bicycle? 

what day is it? 

what does it all mean? 

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fall back

October 29, 2015

don't forget to set your clocks back this weekend

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tiny tassajara

October 29, 2015

this could be the smallest bike Gary Fisher ever made. a production run of one. the story goes   he built this bike for a friend.    that's a  1 1/4" threaded headset with a nifty shim to use a high rise 1" quill.  you won't see a bike like this every day but you could buy it at Bike Works for $283. 

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the glove, smell

October 27, 2015

when it rains, it rains

October 26, 2015


On clear sunny mornings I like to race my shadow into work. It’s a friendly rivalry. More like camaraderie. Inspired to step it up. A little nudge. We usually arrive around the same time. It’s like working with professionals, it rubs off on you and your performance improves. You can’t help but be a bit more professional. They say mediocre players’ performance drops to the level of their opponents. But pros play at a high level, all the time: If they’re facing off against a cement wall, against a scrub or against another pro. It’s like that.

On dark, grey, cloudy, rainy mornings my shadow sleeps in and I roll to work alone.




-- words word-for-word recycled from 11-28-07   it's still true


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