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risk management

October 21, 2017

a bartender walks into an insurance office

the actuary says "what's your zipcode?"

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1999 like it's

October 13, 2017

Matt Case sent me this because I'm not on facebook and upon first glance I smiled and thought that's Tyler Goldsmith that's 1201 3rd that's around 1998 then later I looked again I looked closer I looked back into that grey area between 89 S Washington and 2225 4th Ave between Brian Voss and Erik Jahnz between Dez and Stu between Sit N Spin and Spitfire between the OK Hotel and Fuckin A

no tattoos no helmet no phone no radio only a pager and a tiny T2 bag hovering near Perkins Coie hanging on the beep wating for the word to go upstairs and call on a landline for further instructions something like call from Foster or take all that shit and come to base or all of the above twice in reverse and back round trip 

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low angle autumn afternoon

October 12, 2017

take a picture it lasts longer

33 Canadian geese

114 cigarette butts

7 ballpoint pens

1 post it note

1 park bench

1 hour with nothing better to do


combine ingredients in a large sphere. fold in gently. do not over stir. allow mixture to season at room temperature for seven years. salt to taste. 


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didn't see it on instagram

October 10, 2017

"I saw your site is still up but you just use old messenger photos" said Treebeard five years ago so here's a 9-year old treebeard photo


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cylindrical cyclical circle

October 2, 2017

robot pimping projected personae

September 28, 2017

real real life is such a pale extension of the projected persona pimped by social media requiring daily maintenance and rigorous attention to detail

as there is nothing new under the sun only references refering to other references as those in the know know

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one year later

September 22, 2017

having a great time   glad I'm not there

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nip & tuck

September 13, 2017



what does that have to do with that   or that?   what does anything have to do with anything.  what’s important   what really matters   what’s relevant and what is mindless filler  well well well  what’s the difference.  what day is it?   a PhD in pancake makeup. structural spackle at the journeyman level to fill-in the gaps and connect the dots.  


call & response    cause & effect    nip & tuck


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i'd buy that for a dollar

September 3, 2017

a moster-revealing mirror is worth a dollar

a bike-share window into human nature as seen in this NY Times article

and in your backyard soon


this lime bike is the first bike-share bike we've seen in our zipcode. an outlier deviating from the standard pattern radiating round lightrail stations. it just took a few weeks to make it up the hill 

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hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog

August 31, 2017

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