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March 23, 2017


if you haven't heard of the 529 project    you will soon. 

you can learn all about it here  

on Tuesday I got to learn more about it from the guy behind it and I won't try to summarize the entire story when you can just read it yourself but I will say it's impressive. well done with a simple user friendly interface. the information on your bike is actually useful when it's in a place where the people that will see your bike in the world can look it up instantly because you can get the word out that it's stolen instantly. Ever since I registered my bike with the local police department 30 years ago and I got a sticker and they wrote my name down in a three ring binder I've never bothered to "register" my bikes anyplace because it has always seemed pointless. but this 529 platform finally takes advantage of the fact that everyone is walking around with computers and cameras in their pockets and they can be useful. as you know bikes disappear in Seattle and reappear in SF or PDX at bike swaps and on Craigslist so when the I-5 corridor begins to get covered with 529 stickers it can really make a difference and as more and more bike shops get on board and more and more bikes are registered the effectiveness will increase and that little shield on your seat tube will really mean something. i registered my cargo bike this morning and plan to register my beer bike and maybe my kid's bike too because it's easy


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March 17, 2017

ask me about 100% lambswool Burberry wrapped around a coozie made by those guys down at DANK bags

ask me about product placement and brand recognition

ask me about brand loyalty

ask me about that guy they call Sally

ask him to estimate how many beers have been through that coozie since he got it off of me

ask me about the wicked long selfie sticks they sell in Nebraska

ask me how much of my liberal arts education was actually frisbee

ask me about the Semi Recumbent Tandem Club of Upper Rainier Beach (SRTCURB)

ask me if I ask myself "how did I get here?"


ask me about the Washington State Bike Summit in Olympia



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it's not progress, it's change

March 13, 2017

thanks Steve Maluk 

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electric assist resist

March 13, 2017

the redzone is for loading & unloading only

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single serving size

March 11, 2017

it's all downhill from here

March 7, 2017

really it is.  all downhill from here.  

going out for a ride is easy. coming back home is difficult. 

elevation gained and lost and lost again. 

potential energy. unused potential. 

kids get bigger. bike stays same size. 


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to tell two friends to tell two friends too

March 3, 2017

4/1/17  3:27pm natch       be present    like mindfulness




if you and or your two friends ride a bike and want to gain a little more confidence working on bikes like basic bike repair there's another session of Bike Repair 101 starting in a few weeks on Tuesday nights.

this batch of classes starts the day after 327 Dave's birthday aka 3-28-17 

you two and you too can register here

I know the instructor knows what's what as far as getting from here to there on your own terms because I know the instructor  

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palindromic sequences

March 2, 2017


no need to explain. it's Seattle in 2017 

no need to say Galland Building just say "twelve twenty one" 

i gained a deep appreciation for palindromic street addresses

and free form examples of bilateral symmetry 

as well as short elevator rides or stairs

free-lock quick pick drop in & out 

one day 10 years ago or so somebody dropped their $450 msrp Burberry shawl in the lobby of 1221 and the rest is history

and now that 1221 is history too Sally says he still has that coozie

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the epoch of incredulity

February 28, 2017

click here to make this site mobile friendly


it's not about those kids they're just an illustration of dichotomy


are you kidding me

you are here

we     are     here

in the epoch of epic horseshit

it's not the best   it's not the worst

take it easy with the super duper superlativity

ask me about lock nut lip clearance

ask me about learned helplessness

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Hella long time

February 25, 2017

I know a guy that knows a guy who just reached his 17th year as bike messenger in Seattle.

seventeen years is a long time. 

congratulations 39




i don't get downtown much these days but when i do    it's not the same city.  there are 50,000 more people working in the core than there were when I quit 6.5 years ago.     

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baskets full of unused potential XVII

February 19, 2017

in the absence of anything




there's a Katy Perry song to fill the void




consider using 700c wheels on a frame designed for 26" 

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orange whip?

February 17, 2017

XXL long sleeve jersey screaming out for an orange whip? to be screened onto the left sleeve

those in-the-know   know

helium filled alien bovine RAGBRAI  invasion   ca 2017

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bird by bird

February 16, 2017

if a donated bike is stolen before it's tallied on a clipboard, does it make a sound?

February 14, 2017

NON SEQUITUR LATHER. rinse. repeat.

February 13, 2017

my kid junior junior has an electric ninja turtle toothbrush that shouts out encouraging messages about fighting cavities but when the batteries were depleted to the point of exhaustion the bristles would no longer rotate and the digital audio sample was reduced to one syllable on repeat and that repeating sound has an unmistakable uncanny resemblance to Ali's laugh. 

and that's why I found this picture of his bike because that toothbrush makes me laugh thinking of Ali laughing and it's not a non sequitur if on his old bike above that's my old CETMA rack that I sold to him and that's my bike with that same CETMA in situ below in front of that building with the writing on the wall that's no longer there because it's just another construction site where another 5 story condo will appear with mixed used street level retail where hopefully the Hugo House can come home someday in a way.

if you had a megaphone what would you say?

if you had some spray paint what would you write on the wall? 


she's like that with everybody

she was like that with everybody

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February 10, 2017

you've got to rearrange

February 8, 2017

day by day  it’s hard to see the changes you’ve been through


doing the same thing

expecting the same results


the limited range of motion

repeated repeatedly within the parameters


keeping it together         somehow

hanging by a string


over and over and over

and over again


the first stop this morning

was the last stop last night


it’s cool until it isn’t     then

it isn’t cool


right shoulder bag     for years

skeletal system compensated


a full bubble

off plumb


off kilter   cockeyed   straight-up crooked

got used to it    ignored it     rolled with it  


it was cool

until it wasn’t


then it wasn’t cool



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hot seats

February 3, 2017

"The 2018 United States elections will mostly be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. All 435 seats in the House and 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested. 39 state governorships and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested."


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boop & beep

February 3, 2017

thanks for the T-shirt Sally

it's good to catch-up face to face or side by side beer for beer



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immediate delivery gratification

January 31, 2017

4291 deliveries paid out $382   horseshit


this from Steve G is a great way to stay away from the NY Times 

this from Cat is a great way to keep all the horseshit in the NY Times in perspective and there's plenty of commentary out there

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