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consistently consistent consistency

April 24, 2015

this site has been up for 10 years plus or minus a couple T-shirts


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in the bag

April 22, 2015

"Police say using a paper bag to cover a beer bottle doesn’t save you from violating the open-container law.

People are not allowed to “open a bottle, can or other receptacle containing liquor in a public place,” possess those items in a public place or consume liquor in a public place, according to the Seattle Municipal Code.

Officers have to determine that someone is drinking alcohol, but the smell or behaviors of the person carrying the bag are typically a giveaway, police spokesman Mark Jamieson said earlier this year. The bag also looks suspicious.

“If you’re drinking a bottle of milk, why do you need the bag?” he said.

The fine for violating the open container law is $27."


it's in the bag in the park  4-19-15 

it's in the pi     8-13-09

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change of scenery

April 20, 2015

i spy the BikeMobile in the 98126

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entropy restructured

April 18, 2015

verb (rēˈyo͞oz)  
use again more than once
"the rim strip could be cleaned and reused"
noun (rēˈyo͞os)
the action of using something again
"the headset was overhauled and ready for reuse"

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there's more where that came from

April 15, 2015

the photo above was taken 12 hours ago    it's the very first rough draft iteration of my next-next RAGBRAI bike and it brought to mind the photo below which I took 6 years ago of a fellow outside 1420 with his interpretation iteration of a Specialized which at the time I thought was hilarious and photo worthy but now I just think whatever works      works     and I appreciate those rootbeer glitter Schwinn grips and being more upright and more laid back is A  OK because we don't all need to be hammering in the drops just to get to work or school or Safeway or the next beer garden in the next small town in Iowa 



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this Bud's for you Cantwell

April 14, 2015

Univega gran touring

April 12, 2015

64cm seat tube

58cm top tube


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I can't believe I ate the whole thing

April 11, 2015

that's not a taco truck but it could be. There's a real human inserted to show scale. It's big. It's blue. It's coming to zip code that may or may not be near you. 

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out out goddamn motherfucking spot

April 10, 2015

if the dispatcher said "you wanna go long?"

I'd say "where's that?"


if the manifest said "46th Ave South"

I'd say "fuck that" 


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a fortunate sequence of events

April 7, 2015

i know now what i knew then

April 7, 2015

but I didn't know then what I know now

the smell of wet wool in the morning

mixed with inexpensive cheap beer

it's still the same on the weekends as the rest of the days

i wish i still had my Fucking Chachis t-shirt

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every breath you take every search you make

April 4, 2015


they'll be watching you

saving it on a server somewhere near Moses Lake

so they can sell it back to you at a later date


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April Fools

April 1, 2015

how was your weekend?

March 30, 2015

leading by example


infinitely variable

learned helplessness


we’d like to help you learn to help yourself


call & response

rhythm of social niceties


vacuous idle chit chat

how was your weekend?


are you fucking kidding me


oozing schmooze

a real people person


cherry picking poaching paraphrasing

other’s ideas and offering them up as his own

why didn’t I think of that?

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the 0.1%

March 30, 2015

sticking with the sticker on the downtube theme. I’ve never been to Palo Alto and I never made it to WheelSmith but I know someone who has and you’ve probably heard of him because he’s kind of a big deal.

this sticker is one of the coolest things about this bike and this bike is my next RAGBRAI bike. For my next next RAGBRAI probably 2016 because I can’t make it this July but more on this later as the bike transforms and ends up looking like all my other bikes. it’s nothing fancy just simple solid predictable and dependable  perfect for leaving in storage 51 weeks out of the year then pumping up the tires and riding across Iowa.

for every 1000 bikes I fix up for other people I fix up one for myself

it's a Specialized Allez Sport circa 1994 nearly stock OEM showroom condition aside from the wheels. The cool thing about 1994 is if you were born in that year on today's date or earlier you can buy me a beer legally in all 50 states

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bike shops per capita

March 28, 2015

dusted off this sticker on the downtube of an RB-2 yesterday and it brings back memories of Capitol Hill yesteryear. I purchased a GT Continuum at Seattle Cycles in the fall of 1991. It was small shop with some really nice bikes and a whole lot of attitude. I really can't remember why I picked that shop when there were at least 3 other ones very near by selling brand new bikes of similar quality. REI was right around the corner as well as the Velo Store and the other Velo Store down Pine Street. 

I have a fondness for that Capitol Hill of yesteryear with years and years of personal history there.

Today when I pass through the neighborhood it makes me queasy and claustrophobic. It's as if I don't speak the language, I feel like I can't afford it and I can't find a bike shop. 

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I'm not angry, I'm disappointed

March 25, 2015

I'm not your Bucky

March 23, 2015

One day 16 years ago or so   I bought a Bucky’s vest from a real Bucky for $10 on the back porch at Linda’s. It was really worn out and reeked of sweat but we both felt like we were getting a good deal. He said he could tell his dispatcher he lost it and get another one and with that ten bucks he could get another 1.5 pitchers of Rainier.  I wore that vest once in a while     mostly on the weekends.

Today I made myself a new Bucky’s vest but I’m not your Bucky and I never was.

at Elliott Bay you couldn’t get out the door at the end of the day with your purple vest or jersey. They were checked in and checked out with amazing precision and a well documented chain of custody.

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it's all fun & games until you put a price tag on it

March 23, 2015

stack height

March 21, 2015

show me a 47cm frame

I'll show you some toe overlap


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