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Gas Works Park tonight at 8

July 31, 2015

this short film & beer fest is touring the country and tonight it's in Seattle at Gas Works Park. You missed the deadline to enter by four months but you can drink beer and watch other people's and other people. and the profits from beer sales all benefit local non-profits.  I don't get out much or post shit like this but the Bike Works BikeMobile is going to be there with me in it and seeing it north of the ship canal is like seeing a snow leopard in Wallingford. I'm a big fan of New Belgium as a company and how they treat their employees and how they're a huge supporter of Bike Works and other worthy causes and I like some of their beers too. 


this is the Gas Works beer festival I prefer



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righty tighty

July 31, 2015

lefty tighty too  

depending on your point of view

change of scenery

puting it in perspective

enlarged to show texture

follow along as I read alooud

non-drive side counterclockwise


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66.666 shades of grey

July 28, 2015

black and white and read all over just a string of cliches stuck together with two-sided tape falling somewhere on the grayscale with an outlier sliver of a Rainier tall boy poking out just this side of the simple elegant Ritchey Force stem because imperfection is perfection in finding what works and sticking with it now 4 out of 6 of my bikes that's two thirds or 66.666% they're all thumbed out 7-speed friction and or index Shimano and Suntour what works whatever the other bike is a CETMA largo 1 x 8 featuring 37 Mike's XT trigger and the other other is a single speed Soma the OG 1981 Japanese Soma because after fixing up 1,307 bikes for other people and fidgeting with fucking failing pod shifters grip shifters sti shifters and downtube shifters    how was your weekend?    a little less conversation a little more action  let's not diagram the theory and form another committee to explore the options with powerpoint presentations please trim your zip ties neatly I need to get to work 

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simple elegant solutions

July 23, 2015

above the fold

July 21, 2015

this story is so-six-days-ago for all yall insta-spoon-fed-digi-crowd but I got this actual newsprint newspaper at a seafood restaurant in Westport last Thursday however it was only after I was text email text text text text texted about it from Steve and Cory and Ryan and Mark and Linda and Heather and I actually read it online long before I smelled the newsprint in any case any time a bike messenger makes the front page above the fold it's kinda cool and if that messenger is also a close friend that's even cooler cool. if you don't insta digi spoon feed news or you don't live in Seattle or you live under a moist rock like me you can read the story here


 another above the fold messenger story that's so-7.5-years ago 2-25-08

here's a messenger holding newsprint above the fold and you can make up your own story but it's so 7-to-8-years ago that guy's a rock star now

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froome froome

July 21, 2015

juiced up beyond belief. or not. either way. that's entertainment. power to weight ratios off the charts. pushing the technology the biology the physiology to new limits. that's entertainment. 

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July 20, 2015

C. Hardin photo via B. Brady

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electric Stardom

July 15, 2015

hang up and drive

July 13, 2015

strawberry_fields_forever.jpg (768×1024)




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triptych trip

July 10, 2015

pidler what? er

July 7, 2015

there's no app for that

"We're at the epicenter of being stimulated with digital stuff," Mamood Hamid, a venture investor at Social Capital told me "Five years ago, it was just e-mail. Now if you're not on Twitter, if you don't know how to use social, you're a Luddite. And then you add the Apple Watch that's going to be giving you notifications every five minutes ---text messages, e-mails"  ---The New Yorker    a magazine printed on paper  July 6 & 13, 2015  p. 42

When he says  we    he doesn't mean me. That Burley trailer is older than all those social media experts. I gravitate towards analog watches and friction shifting doesn't bother me. This site hasn't changed a bit in 10 years and I don't give a shit about twitter.

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keep your head on a swivel

July 5, 2015

keep your head on a swivel as if circling the block looking for parking deep into the northern reaches of the peninsula that is the 98102 literally but figuratively really in an effort to experience Craig’s July 4th annual extravaganza with a sentimental Tommy’s Bike Shop liquidation sale combo reunited with a pristine purple Grape Ape t-shirt circa 2005 that I silkscreened myself pro bono for Dylan’s alleycat back then and then I took it home personally from Tommy’s today looking to the future retrospectively I’ll be seeing you or some of you in not quite all the old familiar places like 45 people on the deck that’s totally up-to-code looking on the bright side outcome of the spontaneous combustion of an old bag of charcoal congratulations Craig and all that fluffy sappy shit but seriously have fun and don’t take any wooden nickels in the eastern time zone.

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danny are you fucking kidding me?

July 3, 2015

Seattle feels like Iowa in July this July

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Danny Really

July 1, 2015

Elysian Beers

12oz cans

selling out

lucky breaks

penalty kicks


former messengers

Tommy's Bike Shop



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Kind of Blue ish

June 28, 2015

Are you my Bucky?

just one block shy of Miles Davis hq

on a rare trip to the 98121

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I was there and I saw what you did

June 26, 2015

this one from Carol

inhaling 1980 through nostrils

in retrospect

2007 was a good year


Ice Cube is a pimp

this one from Steve

I want an Oompa Loompa  now  daddy and Bezos says he can get it to me in less that an hour via bike messenger in this greater Seattle area as well as other select cities but he also said that the Segway would revolutionize personal transportation and then he bought the fucking Washingon Post so I'm not sure what to believe except money talks and talks and talks in other ways we all can't access and is Gary Brose really one of the ones that will make it all possible really?  fronting a fake wood grain particle board bookcase with a couple old bankers boxes and a questionable trophy? every little thing is just a pale extension of high school and of KOZMO from one-hour DVDs with Ben & Jerrys and some cookies to a bunch of underutilized bike messengers in a parking lot re-inventing bike polo oh so 15 years ago ... yo . 

this one to Steve

two bottle cages still aren't enough

like Daniel E Murray says  "too much is never enough, it's always too much"

add pickle juice to taste

repeat as needed 


traditionally in Seattle summer started on July 5th

and June-uary lead up to it

but now      we can all suck it

off the tip of those icebergs out there melting



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another stumpjumper, not just

June 26, 2015

at your finger tips for $335 via BikeWorks. 

3709 South Ferdinand

like the bull that liked to smell flowers

this one is sweet. sweeter than the one I had my hands on. I didn't touch this one but I kinda wanted to as in keep it as a beach cruiser in the Westport-Grayland area once twice three times a year. But the guy that did it up did it up right. I give it my full-on Kevin's Mom stamp of approval.

You can buy it tomorrow if it didn't sell today. 

the tag says it all  and I quote  for the pixel challenged

"ride a piece of bike history 30+ years old and still better than half the bikes in the world"

it's a 19.5" with a wheel base longer than long



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father's day 364.25 days

June 24, 2015

white tip

June 21, 2015

smooth full-bodied balance


with hints of acetone

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not not in my backyard (nNIMBY) part XVII

June 19, 2015

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