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for the first time in forever

May 27, 2015

how was your weekend? ad nauseam

May 25, 2015

where were you in 1982?

May 24, 2015

1982 Specialized StumpJumper

33 years later it's still rolling in a wabi-sabi patina of authenticity 

please take a moment to locate the sand-cast double plate fork crown and appreciate those chainstays that are longer than the day is long    if this thing had more original components and a less scuffs & scratches it'd be on eBay for $1500     it showed up with those OE enormous Mafac motorcycle levers paired with 8-speed pod shifters and it just didn't feel right

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...on a day like this

May 22, 2015

"Once in a blue moon the stars align just so and retirement comes the same day for both you and your outfit. 

If it's sunny that shit's funny

The T takes on an extra layer of meaning on the last day on the job.

The reflective properties of the text gleem even brighter in the faces if my co-workers."

--Shaggy via email 10:00am 5/22/15


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repeating myself repeating

May 21, 2015

playground_play_play.jpg (1024×768)

this is funny   if you have children it's really funny

if you have young children it's really   really funny

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six years later

May 21, 2015

WestSide Invite "be there or be somewhere else"

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Pigboy's brother from another mother

May 16, 2015

I had a dream I was sleeping

woke up in a shower curtain factory 

the smell didn't bother me

being hassled by Rick Steves 

made me speak Chinese

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drive side pant leg rolled up

May 15, 2015


if you lived here you'd be home by now

today is my casual Friday but I'm not your average casual observer as events unfold and play out at 1221 E. Pike (aka the Elysian Brewing Company) there's Dick's maneuver and there are dick maneuvers like buying a Maserati

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full frontal nudity

May 14, 2015


keep your chin up the calendar says that it's ok to ride your bike to work today and you may ask yourself   what would Dirty Randy do?

one thing he probably wouldn't do is take a set of Mad Fiber wheels and slap a spacer on the freehub body to rock a 7-speed casette with a 6-speed thumbie frictioned-out and commute those wheels day in and day out into the ground one set of cork brake pads at a time returning them to earth unceremoniously

but that's what I would do if I had a set or two of Mad Fiber wheels just sitting around collecting dust

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all's well that kogswell

May 12, 2015

this bike has gone full circle

the long complicated story watered down then boiled down here:

a guy bought a bike then sold it to another guy who bought it for his girlfriend then both of their bikes got stolen out if their garage then it ended up in the Seattle Police evidence room for two years before it was donated to Bike Works where it got my attention so I took a couple pictures of it and sent them to Alistair and asked him what he thought this bike was because it’s not your average Bike Works bike and Alistair ID’d it as a Kogswell from the photos and soon thereafter in an impressive it’s-a-small-Seattle-bike-world-after-all way he tracked down the owner who said thanks but no thanks because he didn’t want it back in that that’s-my-ex-girlfriend’s-bike way but the word got around and around to the original owner and he said I’ll take that back and he bought it as-is from Bike Works

the end for now

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Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2015

there's plenty of room on the coffee-beer continuum for a sippy cup 

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drop out opt out burn out sell out

May 8, 2015

10 & 2

white knuckle

death grip


hands-free drift

goal disoriented





muscle memory


restore default settings


what ifs


time lines

times zones

arms reach

stones throw


spitting distance


toggle switch

on     off

true     false

yes      no


fuck no


hell yes


flow chart

family tree


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that was then this is now

May 7, 2015



time was invented by a guy who realized he could sell a lot of wrist watches if people felt like they were late for something and there was someplace else they would rather be it’s a totally theoretical concept naming something that cannot be named quantifying the unquantifiable slapping a linear perspective on the story that has no beginning or end as well as creating a market for greeting cards and calendars

this morning I looked at the calendar and wondered why May 7 sounded like a familiar date and then I realize it’s because it was Brad & Skunk’s birthday in 1996 and they’re no longer with us however there’s a new black & white fuzzy buddy feline that just joined the family and I don’t even have a picture of him yet and we’re not sure what his name will be

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the gap between perception and interpretation

May 5, 2015

no need to fill in the gap with idle chit chat or little springs that think they know what's best

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it's funny because it's true

May 1, 2015

the next Ryan Leaf

May 1, 2015

Peyton Manning  vs  Ryan Leaf  

Drew Bledsoe  vs  Rick Mirer 


it's easy to see in retrospect  

time will tell    on 2015

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feeding the feedback loop

April 28, 2015

I’m not here to share saliva spraying stories of Ritchey Logic cranks or announce my recent induction into the International Brotherhood of MKS Grip King Geeks although the internet makes it really easy to find like-minded bike dorks and get in a daisy chain line of back-patting self-affirming looping feedback loops.

We are gathered here today to talk about this thing called cup holders. You’ve heard how cup holders can be the deal breakers on $115,000 SUVs. Bottle cages are cup holders on bikes and the ones that can actually hold a coffee cup or a beer can as well as a water bottle are the best. Transitioning seamlessly along the coffee-beer continuum from road masters to americanos and back again all on the seat tube. 

I'm starting the Profile Design Cup Holder Club even if I'm the only member and I'm not looking for a pat on the back like when you ask me about my weekend not because you care but just because you want me to ask you about yours but I don't care about your weekend so I don't ask     we can skip the horseshit    I'm telling you about my bottle cages instead of asking you how you feel about your bottle cages in a roundabout dilly dally touchy feely Portlandia way. 

Understated simplicity flexibility versatility and durability make these bottle cages my favorite and their abundant accessiblilty and hand-me-down availability in the Greater Puget Sound area also helps. They don't detract from your bike by screaming out for attention and they're not trying too hard to match your bar tape - cable housing - fluffy do dad ensemble.  (if I did have bar tape  it'd be black)

Before I got my hands on a Profile Design cup holder I would pry open conventional bottle cages and gently place my coffee cup inside and try to ride until the lid popped off and it splashed all over my legs on the way back to 1111 3rd for the 27th time since noon.  


I haven't even ridden my next-next RAGBRAI bike yet because it doesn't have brake cables but it does have TWO Profile Design bottle cages. 



that RB-2 was my first RAGBRAI ride

the Rob Roy was my second

this Allez will be my next-next 

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consistently consistent consistency

April 24, 2015

this site has been up for 10 years plus or minus a couple T-shirts


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in the bag

April 22, 2015

"Police say using a paper bag to cover a beer bottle doesn’t save you from violating the open-container law.

People are not allowed to “open a bottle, can or other receptacle containing liquor in a public place,” possess those items in a public place or consume liquor in a public place, according to the Seattle Municipal Code.

Officers have to determine that someone is drinking alcohol, but the smell or behaviors of the person carrying the bag are typically a giveaway, police spokesman Mark Jamieson said earlier this year. The bag also looks suspicious.

“If you’re drinking a bottle of milk, why do you need the bag?” he said.

The fine for violating the open container law is $27."


it's in the bag in the park  4-19-15 

it's in the pi     8-13-09

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change of scenery

April 20, 2015

i spy the BikeMobile in the 98126

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