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can you point me to the space needle?

April 17, 2014

fretless friction shifting

April 15, 2014

look   listen   feel

continuous trim continuum

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neo retro mechanical advantage

April 11, 2014

give me your tired, your poor, your used PAUL brakes

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too in the pink

April 8, 2014

photos remind me of other photos

everybody is 6 degrees from Craig 

but if you're reading this you're more like 1.5

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progeny --- peddling platform pedals

April 6, 2014






please take a moment to locate the context nearest you

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April 3, 2014

Tom Chapel photo via Craig Etheridge or something like that

remember rolling up to the 4th Ave side of King at 4:27 and walking into the building completely calm knowing you had plenty of time to get through security and take the elevator to the clerk's office before you hit the judge's mailroom and there were already 8 or 10 legal messengers sitting outside smoking before they called their dispatcher?  remember when there were more legal messengers than jimmy johns? remember pay phones? remember parking meters?

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change of change of scenery

April 2, 2014


Off the usual habit trails. On a cargo bike. On a ferry. On a Sunday into Monday. To an island. To wander in the sounds of silence and frogs and owls and work-related stuff. Enough said. Except riding a cargo bike on a bit of a jaunt made me for the first time seriously consider an electric assist rear wheel contraption. For real. Really.


Into a locked cage in the open-air parking garage of a downtown office building some people refer to as West 8th but in my mind it’s not even close to 8th Avenue West so I’d call it 2001 8th but in any case I never set foot in there as a messenger because it was constructed and completed but sat empty for the last year that I sat around emptying cans of beer as a messenger but I went in there Tuesday to wrench on bikes in sort of a cleanup mop-up tie-up loose ends on the tail end of a corporate team building exercise from some weeks back where software sales teams slapped together Torkers as fast as they could in expensive clothing back slapping big talking the talk sales people tend to do.

Visualize a front wheel with a quick-release skewer disassembled into its basic pieces. Toss in all the possible variables…  concave-convex forward-backward open-closed left-right up-down …and every possible permutation of wrong showed up fucked up. Things you would never think of were thought of and jammed into those front wheels. Then talk about brakes, brake pads, brake cables brake levers seat posts saddles and then go back and talk about corporate software sales teams on a convention weekend in a hotel conference room near a buffet lunch and open bar slapping together bikes as fast as possible.  


this bunch of Torkers is such a strange situation

it's not the time or the place to explain it all 

fill in the blanks    connect the dots

the story will be better that way


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maybe next year

March 29, 2014

My peas are already planted in the garden this year poised to climb up their pea teepee just like last year. But maybe next year I’ll have one of these with a 36-hole hard anodized 27” rim laced to a solid axle hub with a rusty six-speed freewheel seized on up top of a 10-foot galvanized festivus pole strung to a rusty steel rim down below so the peas and beans can go crazy.

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a quality RAGBRAI issue since 2005

March 27, 2014

Chris Murray sent this photo today from the 01420, where the snow is melting, and I quote

Thanks Mark, Imagine my surprise when I come home and I have a new helmet and a new shirt in my mailbox. Awesome. Registration closes on April 1st. Come one come all.



I didn't send him the helmet but I did send him the shirt as another symbolic representation symbolically representing the pilderwasser collective riding RAGBRAI since 2005 and I am impressed with the USPS and their speedy delivery delivering faster than Lance in the tour day france juiced up beyond belief wearing a USPS jersey in 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

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can't find a good cup of coffee in this town

March 26, 2014

I like the idea of coffee   more than coffee itself






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hooded sweatshirts - all in the family - nepotism

March 23, 2014

pause for a moment to look around     and you may find yourself surrounded by people wearing pilderwasser hoodies

these are not pilderwasser hoodies

but Bike Works is pilderwasser approved

my right shoulder is still single-strap-lower than my left

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spring training

March 21, 2014

The NFL free-agent marketplace, Major League Baseball opening day, Hockey, NCAA bracket-busting Cinderella stories, spring classics, Chris Horner’s hair line, swept back handlebars with a 25.4 clamp diameter shimmed out to 26ish with a beer can nesting in a Nitto stem, keeping cold drinks cold and warm hands warm sitting on a park bench or an old couch and much much more. 

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can't find the words right now, but they're there

March 19, 2014


3 years

3 years go by in the blink of an eye


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in situ

March 15, 2014

here's a photo Matt Case took today of a pilderwasser T-shirt in situ somewhere not too far from the NAHBS in Charlotte, NC

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three two seven

March 15, 2014

57 Varieties time trial

Saturday April 5th mark your calendar

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coats soothes relieves

March 13, 2014

search engine optimized kybo peanut butter

March 12, 2014

counterclockwise circles

March 10, 2014

Sometimes I spot someone riding a bike with an ill-fitting helmet and rather nice clothes on looking a bit flustered and winded and rather uncomfortable and deduce that their car broke down and they grabbed their kid’s bike to get to work on time.

That person’s level of discomfort is exceeded by the discomfort I feel when I need to drive a car in the city. If I need to look for parking on the street then it’s a shit show. Back in the day when I was a teenager…I got a deduction on the driving test for parallel parking, and my skills haven’t improved since then.

Grocery shopping in a cargo bike is a treat not a chore and dropping the kid off at preschool with her bike and a big fat bag of cargo in a cargo bike brings a smile to my face, especially because it’s only 7 blocks away.

Today I watched a bunch of 2 or 3 or 4 year-olds ride bikes and trikes and scooters in counterclockwise circles round and round and round

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nice guys (don't get paid)

March 9, 2014

Riding to work through the million dollar homes of the Mount Baker neighborhood, I’m reminded of Danny Noonan riding his bike to work at Bushwood at the beginning of Caddyshack and how everything is just a reference to something else or at least to some Soul Asylum song. It’s not the destination it’s the Journey. I like Journey like the Journey blaring out of Al Czervik's bag later in the movie.  But it was Kenny Loggins on the bike ride and Journey reminds me of Louden Swain jogging through the streets of Spokane at the beginning of Vision Quest.

Someday    it'll all make sense.

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reconstituted wood includes fries & a drink

March 7, 2014

There is an almost-3-year-old I know that has a firm grasp on a 4mm allen wrench and a peripatetic grasp of the righty-tighty lefty-loosey concept. Now she wants to disassemble all the ikea furniture in sight.  

I would probably never use peripatetic in a sentence and say it to your face but         what were we talking about?

is that for here or to go?

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