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orchestral manoeuvres in the dark

October 31, 2018

karma karma karma karma karma

October 29, 2018

as your eye is drawn to those culture club crank skins then to that 853 tubes sticker please take a moment to take in the profile design cup holder. 

easy-peasy if your colors were like my dreams  red, gold and green   red, gold and green.

i'm president of the profile design cup holders club and i approve this message

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like a rock

October 24, 2018

it was cool until it wasn't

October 18, 2018

it’s not better       it just

sucks in a different way


the solution is

now another problem


the tire liner    eventually

slices into the inner tube


preventing 7 little punctures

causing  one big   laceration


limited range of motion

repetitive use injury


pessimistic prophylaxis

psychosomatic    reality


it was cool   until it wasn’t

then    it wasn’t cool


habitrails rote routes

played out


mixtape memorized

end of song cues the next


it’s all in your mind


not in album-order

in hand-written cassette cover order


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Mr fingerprints off glass door wiper

October 17, 2018

sedentary legal messenger flashback

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outside looking out

October 16, 2018

or something like that

hollow idle chit chat




have a good weekend??

have a good weekend.


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October 9, 2018

every city

every year

every messenger

not every jimmy john

no uber eats


happy birthday to 87. 

he looked 35 when he was 19 and now I've lost track of how old he really is.

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matriculating matriculation

October 3, 2018

i see 

young lions

step into the street

staring at their phones

and i wonder if

it's wisdom

they lack




GPA 3.78 + ACT 29 = clueless


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