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bird by bird

March 5, 2020

that there is an Alex Colville painting from 1981 and when you're done thinking about 27" steel wheels and mixte frames     if you have some free time and you're looking for something to read please read Matthew Bevis's commentary in the March issue of Poetry

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pilder asser said...

One day some day in the last 15 years I feel like I put up a picture an image a reproduction of a representation of a crow perched on bike like a parked bike and a crow hanging out there on the top tube at a bike rack. My photographic memory is usually pretty good itís just that I canít remember what I named the image therefore I canít search for it in the dusty file boxes of archived photos with those titular key words. There are times when I can google it and those sonsabitches can find it for me better than I can on my own fucking site but even then the name helps. so anyway I was searching for that crow on bike image and I ended up with this kinda creepy Colville painting with the Peugeot and along the way shots of Sheryl Crow on a bike kept popping up which made me laugh in a Kid-Rock-way and then the Lance and Sheryl Mary Kate shit and even more chuckles in a look away way. I wonít even comment on Bevisís commentary at this time.

Posted March 6, 2020 07:49 PM | Reply to this comment

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