what was that? is that all there is? who is this? this is it.

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Replying to pilder asser, who said...

One day some day in the last 15 years I feel like I put up a picture an image a reproduction of a representation of a crow perched on bike like a parked bike and a crow hanging out there on the top tube at a bike rack. My photographic memory is usually pretty good itís just that I canít remember what I named the image therefore I canít search for it in the dusty file boxes of archived photos with those titular key words. There are times when I can google it and those sonsabitches can find it for me better than I can on my own fucking site but even then the name helps. so anyway I was searching for that crow on bike image and I ended up with this kinda creepy Colville painting with the Peugeot and along the way shots of Sheryl Crow on a bike kept popping up which made me laugh in a Kid-Rock-way and then the Lance and Sheryl Mary Kate shit and even more chuckles in a look away way. I wonít even comment on Bevisís commentary at this time.

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