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Zeppelin II on cassette

August 4, 2015

“seven years went under the bridge like time was standing still” OMD

down the river. drinking the kool aid blended with care part wabi sabi part entropy add gravity some sleep deprivation and sporadic diuretic dehydration and with time it’s unavoidable in the end it catches up to all of us. I’m not pointing fingers I’m looking in the mirror but it doesn’t show up there because I’m used to it and then I see an old photo on some obscure website’s slide show and I see the difference seven years can make like listening to Zeppelin II on your daughter’s Fisher Price cassette player rocking 4 secondhand C batteries it kind of drags a little and slows down in parts but you’re so used to it day in and day out you think it sounds normal and don’t recognize the decline until some kid plays an mp3 for you and it sounds all jacked up like riding your bike everyday and night riding it into the ground it feels the way it feels because that’s how your bike feels until one day you replace your brake pads and your bottom bracket and your drivetrain and your tires and holy shit it feels different it’s like wearing a favorite t-shirt all the time not noticing that it’s disintegrating as you cling to the image in your mind of what that t-shirt represents oblivious to its actual appearance.

as 39 was looking east he caught photos of this guy coming and going. I screened that shirt for that guy 8 years ago or so when he worked at Spitfire and I was a grumpy legal messenger working next door. The last I heard he's working at Chungee's now and that shirt appears to be in great shape. 

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