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Gas Works Park tonight at 8

July 31, 2015

this short film & beer fest is touring the country and tonight it's in Seattle at Gas Works Park. You missed the deadline to enter by four months but you can drink beer and watch other people's and other people. and the profits from beer sales all benefit local non-profits.  I don't get out much or post shit like this but the Bike Works BikeMobile is going to be there with me in it and seeing it north of the ship canal is like seeing a snow leopard in Wallingford. I'm a big fan of New Belgium as a company and how they treat their employees and how they're a huge supporter of Bike Works and other worthy causes and I like some of their beers too. 


this is the Gas Works beer festival I prefer



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pilder said...

the film clips were tepid. the event as a whole was a big marketing success for New Belgium. The Bike Mobile was a glorified bike parking attendant but great at reaching out its outreach reach.

Posted August 1, 2015 02:37 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder asser replied to pilder...

rode my bike home at 1:30am this morning 111% sober. it was surreal. do not think that has ever happened. that combinations of events at that time of day under a full moon in August.

Posted August 1, 2015 10:56 AM | Reply to this comment

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