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keep your head on a swivel

July 5, 2015

keep your head on a swivel as if circling the block looking for parking deep into the northern reaches of the peninsula that is the 98102 literally but figuratively really in an effort to experience Craig’s July 4th annual extravaganza with a sentimental Tommy’s Bike Shop liquidation sale combo reunited with a pristine purple Grape Ape t-shirt circa 2005 that I silkscreened myself pro bono for Dylan’s alleycat back then and then I took it home personally from Tommy’s today looking to the future retrospectively I’ll be seeing you or some of you in not quite all the old familiar places like 45 people on the deck that’s totally up-to-code looking on the bright side outcome of the spontaneous combustion of an old bag of charcoal congratulations Craig and all that fluffy sappy shit but seriously have fun and don’t take any wooden nickels in the eastern time zone.

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