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drive side pant leg rolled up

May 15, 2015


if you lived here you'd be home by now

today is my casual Friday but I'm not your average casual observer as events unfold and play out at 1221 E. Pike (aka the Elysian Brewing Company) there's Dick's maneuver and there are dick maneuvers like buying a Maserati

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pilder asser said...

Dick is outta there on to other great things. Joe is driving a Maserati watching the money roll in and I'm not sure what Dave is doing. I like the beer and the corner seat at the bar but there's a lot of shit I don't like. When I sell out the last thing I'd ever buy in a Maserati

Posted May 15, 2015 03:04 PM | Reply to this comment

RedKev said...

The corner seat at the bar is always nice depending on who's working. It's been a long time. Good to see things are still plugging away around here.

Posted May 17, 2015 06:33 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to RedKev...

howdy RedKev happy Mt St Helen's Day

Posted May 18, 2015 08:36 AM | Reply to this comment

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