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full frontal nudity

May 14, 2015


keep your chin up the calendar says that it's ok to ride your bike to work today and you may ask yourself   what would Dirty Randy do?

one thing he probably wouldn't do is take a set of Mad Fiber wheels and slap a spacer on the freehub body to rock a 7-speed casette with a 6-speed thumbie frictioned-out and commute those wheels day in and day out into the ground one set of cork brake pads at a time returning them to earth unceremoniously

but that's what I would do if I had a set or two of Mad Fiber wheels just sitting around collecting dust

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pilder said...

Here's to Jobst Brandt.

Posted May 14, 2015 10:28 PM | Reply to this comment

Alistair. said...

I'll second that. RIP Jobst. A curmudgeons curmudgeon. Much respect.

Posted May 15, 2015 10:16 AM | Reply to this comment

Alistair. said...

P.S. I dig the idea of the retro drive train with the high end wheel set. That's the kind of irreverent juxtaposition that I can appreciate.

Posted May 15, 2015 10:18 AM | Reply to this comment

37 said...

Randy would probably stack a bunch of spacers on them and run them as a singlespeed set up...and still drop me like the fat old man that I am. RIP Jobst

Posted May 15, 2015 12:04 PM | Reply to this comment

Dirty Randy replied to 37...

Well, thats exactly what i am doing with the ones i got my grubby hands on...

Posted May 15, 2015 01:09 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

We're all within 2.3 degrees of dirty Randy in his pw nipple driver shirt the image poached straight from J Brant's wheel building bible 16 months at MadFiber and all I have to show for it is a t-shirt and a flexfit cap

Posted May 15, 2015 02:44 PM | Reply to this comment

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