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"Wanna come downstairs and see my cheater bar collection?"

January 10, 2015


  • Gary Fisher - only the greatest cheater bar ever. Overbuilt and Oversized with considerable heft. It’s beefy and it’ll let you know you’re holding onto something substantial. Fits over any pedal wrench. Strong like ox.

  • Klein - the most expensive cheater bar ounce for ounce. It’s sporty and light and features a purple fade to pink paint job. With its high strength to weight ratio it gets the job done.  She’s got     pretty persuasion. When I need one cheater bar on the pedal wrench and one on the opposing crank arm this is the tool I’ll reach for.

  • Marin - an interesting ovoid shape is all it really has going for it. Although the oversized tube fits well over tools that need a little help.  These bikes are built to break as any serious commuter or consistent rider that weighs more than 150lbs will soon discover. Older steel Marin mountain bikes still have a lot going for them but the much younger aluminum hybrid Marins tend to crack.


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