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the last full week of July 2015

January 3, 2015

 the next time I ride RAGBRAI it’ll be on a bike that has a lot in common with the one in the photo and that jersey will be along for the ride too.

Matt Case and Steve Young should visualize a trip to Iowa on July 17, 2015 and plan accordingly.

The total expense of my next RAGBRAI bike will be matched only by the expense of shipping it to Iowa. I don’t actually have my hands on the bike yet, but it’s out there somewhere and it’s headed my way. In the garden of my mind I’ve started building it up.


my new bike will: 

  • rock a Nitto Dove Bar

  • have downtube  or thumb shifters

  • be full of no-nonsense solid state proven technology

  • have replacement parts available in any bike shop

  • feel right at home in a Casey’s parking lot

  • roll across Iowa from West to East in a smooth fluid motion

  • roll across the coffee-beer continuum transitioning seamlessly

  • have two bottle cages able to transport coffee and or beer

  • pay for itself in one RAGBRAI

  • be fine sitting in Jimbo’s basement 51 weeks out of the year

my new bike will NOT:


  • be hand-made in Portland by Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira

  • be less than 17 years old

  • weigh less than the UCI limit

  • be associated with 6061 or 7005

  • roll 27.5 inch wheel marketing horseshit

  • be televised

  • have Campy Record anything

  • have a Soft Ride stem

  • have a Brooks saddle

  • be sponsored by Mad Fiber

  • be financed by the Divine Cycling Group


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Chris Murray said...

If you want to save the shipping costs I have several worthy cycles that fit some of your criteria. They are older then 17 years and have the 27 " wheels as specified but they are made of some sort of Aluminum. They have down tube shifters and have each ridden 1 or more RAGBRAI's so they know how to be cool and not act like a rookie. Available if needed and will be delivered to 1206 Broad st. See you in the corn field. Cheers

Posted January 3, 2015 06:12 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to Chris Murray...

I copy all that Chris. I like the idea of a one time only oneway UPS ticket to the 50112 for a new RAGBRAI bike but if this bike in my mind doesn't materialize I will totally take you up on that offer. word.

Posted January 4, 2015 11:08 AM | Reply to this comment

reverend dick said...

Your bike will be no re-run, brother. Because your bike...will be live.

Posted January 5, 2015 09:21 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

I want to build up a cool bike, but not so cool that I won't want to leave it in Iowa.

Posted January 7, 2015 01:56 PM | Reply to this comment

Pilder, Asser W said...

El Gato's Axleys coming back around again pixelated

Posted January 8, 2015 10:56 PM | Reply to this comment

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