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bigger fish to fry

March 26, 2024

got 99 problems

but a fish aint one


What is a postcard?


When does it stop

being a postcard? 


What is it 

if not a postcard? 


testing the limit

blurring the line


between postcard

and full-on flat


push the boundary

pay the postage 


pay the piper

pony up 


stay gold Ponyboy

silver & white paint too



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pilder asser said...

when a "postcard" needs 4 or 5 stamps to fly USPS, is it still a postcard? I say yes, but only on special occasions. However, hand-delivery electric ass mailman style to pen pals you know personal service only pick up and delivery enveloping the entire package...

Posted March 26, 2024 10:09 AM | Reply to this comment

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