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move aside, and let the man go through. let the man go through.

March 21, 2024

A postcard can make your day, especially if it’s hand delivered by an electric ass mailman on a cargo bike. If it arrives during the spring break cherry blossom fiesta, even better. 


Nothing says spring break cherry blossom electric ass mailman shit show like Super Bon Bon. The song is from 1996 but it’s as if the lyrics came to me in a dream-like daze rolling around campus on the first day of spring 2024…

Super Bon Bon

   by Soul Coughing


Move aside,

And let the man go through.

Let the man go through.


If I stole

Somebody else's wave

To fly up.


If I rose

Up with the avenue

Behind me.


Some kind of verb.

Some kind of moving thing.

Something unseen.

Some hand is motioning

To rise, to rise, to rise.


Too fat, fat you must cut lean.

You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine,

Chump, change, and it's on, super bon bon

Super bon bon, Super bon bon.


And by

The phone

I live

In fear

Sheer Chance

Will draw

You in

To here.


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