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March 14, 2024

Whatever works, works. This bike got my attention, interrupting my staring off into space on my coffee break, enough for me to send Litrell a photo, talking shit about the 0.33 cm of travel in that crusty elastomer. My eye went to the what’s wrong with this picture but he replied with a what about those PAUL brakes and that THOMPSON seat binder… being all half-full of joy to my half-empty shit talk. His attention to detail refined and laser focused in a bike guy way. 


I am not just a shit talker. I just talk a lot of shit. I do have a sincere appreciation for people that ride their bikes. Whatever their bikes may be. And this guy obviously rides his bike. I’d like to draw your attention to that Darigold Milk Crate from Eugene and say that my brain in 0.07 seconds went with a made-up story to tie it all together…  …this guy was Biology major at Oregon back in the day then he moved to Seattle for a Masters degree in Aquatic and Fishery Science at UW schlepping this milk crate full of LPs as well as a garbage bag full of VHS tapes and a box full of text books in the back seat of his old roommate's car who happened to be moving to Bellingham.

Masters degree lingered around long enough to pivot to a PhD in Applied Physics and now he’s still lingering around today tenured down on Boat Street for a cup of coffee, sitting around sitting back sitting pretty while the money rolls in from the Defense Department and other classified sources. 


or something like that


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