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black & white & read all over

November 16, 2023

Q: what’s black & white & read all over?

A: pilderwasser stickers

Strategically stuck all across Iowa in late July. Thank you Chris Murray. Sporadically stuck in other cities and towns all over the country throughout the year. Thanks again Chris Murray. 


Q: is this heaven?

A: no. it’s Iowa

Like it’s 1989. Nothing says baseball like a Kevin Costner movie says baseball. 


Q: is this real life?

A: yes. it’s Applied Physics bro

You know, Henderson Hall at 1013 NE 40th Street. You’ve been by it a million times even if you never paid attention to the name. Tucked in the northeast armpit of the University Bridge, a stone's throw from the Wall of Death, on your way to Fremont or Recycled Cycles. I strategically stuck this sticker many moons ago and it keeps on keeping on keeping right pointing the way. 



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Chris Murray said...

You are welcome. Registration opened November 15th. Lets go stick some more stickers. I heard it will be the Best Year Ever.

Posted November 18, 2023 03:40 AM | Reply to this comment

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