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one hand clapping

November 14, 2023

price quotes:


“I’d buy that for a dollar” –Robocop


“I want my two dollars” –Better Off Dead


“How’d you like to make $14 the hard way?” –Caddyshack


The cost of living is riding on a vector that’s out of control in both magnitude and direction. So I’m not sure what the going rate is these days in the 98105 on Boat Street or even the 98118 on Ferdinand Street,  but I got these for $5. Perhaps only because Andy Voight rang me up. 


To the untrained eye these look like a pair of beat down brake levers. But those in-the-know know these levers will last another 20 years.  These levers kick ass. 


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Alistair said...

Are these the ones that used the oversize housing(6mm), and cables(2mm)? I had a Trek MTB back in the early 90's which had Shimano SLR brake levers and those oversize cables/housing, and that was the best non disc brake that I've ever used.

Posted November 14, 2023 09:33 PM | Reply to this comment

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