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ode to the local bike shop

November 4, 2023

Counterbalance Bikes is closing in a week or so. I plan to make one final visit to say hello - goodbye to Peter as I roll along the U-Village Silvercloud Burke Gilman route on an electric assist bathtub. 

there goes the neighborhood

there goes the local bike shop

Adam, Jake & Peter opened Counterbalance at 2 West Roy Street in 2000. Peter took over and it moved to the Blakeley Burke Gilman spot formerly known as Ti Cycles II. 

You can read more here where the comments are often more entertaining than the content

Digging through the photographic memory I found these shots of Sam and Todd during a Boat Street Crit with C. Forest Hoag lurking in the background. 17 years later I often find myself loitering on Boat Street and that building in the back is UW Box #355100 but you can address it to #355020.

Jake racing CMWC Seattle 2003

this may or may not be a Tyler Goldsmith photo but that is Adam at the Store Room in the late 90s


Counterbalance Closing Sale

closed on Mondays bro

visualize your new bike shop here

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