what was that? is that all there is? who is this? this is it.

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December 29, 2022

whatever it takes

whatever works           works


whatever will be          will be 

whatever you say


whatever song lyrics 

plug   &   play


it’s not this thing

it’s not that thing


it’s        the        space 

between those things


Edie Brickell and your art history teacher might call it negative space but it’s not a bad thing


Eckhart Tolle calls it space










most of us have to make an effort to notice it, and that’s the point. changing your focus, your awareness, your attention direction.


point no point 


It’s not the object, it’s the space around it. 


It’s not the discarded dental picks, it’s the space among them. 


It’s not the loose balls in your one inch threaded headset, it’s the space between them. 


What are you looking at?


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