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if a tree falls in the forest

December 9, 2022

Operating under the assumption that it’s all built upon a reliable foundation. Kidding ourselves into believing it’s not an assumption. We call it a premise and say it’s logical.  


If A,  then B

If you say so bro

Call it what you will


What if the premise was built on a sandy beach in Florida?


What if that foundation rests on a receding glacier in Alaska?


What if direct-to-consumer bikes arrive with “some assembly required” and a 4mm Ikea wrench. 


What if the binder bolt was torqued to spec and back because it was cross-threaded and stripped?


What if a tree falls in the forest and there actually is someone around,  but all she can hear is a gas powered leaf blower? 


What if your measuring stick is stuck? Your ruler is warped? Your stopwatch sticky? 


What if your point of reference was gentrified into a 5 story condo with street-level retail but no off-street parking? 


What if everything you’ve assumed got flipped and now it’s looking back at you backwards in the low resolution display of an endless zoom meeting? 


What if a law abiding vehicular cyclist posts up in the left turn lane and waits through three light cycles exposed to traffic in every direction but his traffic light never changes? 


What if the protected bike lane sets you up to knock you down?


A number of variables must fall into place just so - so we can continue on our way - so we can keep kidding ourselves.


Seeing the same commuter each morning at the same time wondering where they work, wondering if they’re wondering the same thing about you. 


Seeing that pink bike in Iowa in 2006 and pausing for a moment to snap a photo and chuckle about the handlebars. Eight years later, moving into a house in south Seattle next door to the owner of that pink bike, not realizing the pink bike is “that pink bike” until she asks you to tune-up the bike and ditch the handlebars when conversation comes around to RAGBRAI, where all roads eventually lead to Grinnell, Iowa and a journey of a thousand beers begins with a single can of Milwaukee’s Best Light.


sixteen - seventeen years later


If A,  then B



for real




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. said...

The history is as curved and twisted as the bars which first inspired the notice. Very cool.

Posted December 12, 2022 09:09 AM | Reply to this comment

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