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thought it was a rental

November 11, 2022

Yesterday after delivering a bundle of mail the final fifty feet to the office of a building on campus, I lingered in the lobby lounge to look out the window and get a little HVAC. My work bike was parked just a few feet from the front door and locked with a cafe lock through the rear wheel. When a dude approached the bike I thought he was just looking at the campus map on the cargo box because that happens a lot. Then the dude walked around the bike, looked under the bike at both wheels and proceeded to push the bike forward off the kickstand. That’s when I quickly stepped outside, grabbed the handlebars and said “what the fuck are you doing?” Surprised to see me, he said “oh, I thought it was a rental” 


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39 said...

I wouldn't want to ride that as a rental

Posted November 12, 2022 11:41 AM | Reply to this comment

Judy Isaacson said...

Some of us are slower than others—we miss such things as locks and kick wheels that just won’t turn. It is a funny world except when it isn’t…

Posted November 14, 2022 06:51 AM | Reply to this comment

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