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RCW 07.420.33

October 26, 2022

No legal advice

I never did pass the bar

I walked right in

This haiku arrived in my mailbox on the back of a postcard with a homegrown arts & crafts - cut & paste - tape & scissors style that appeals to me with its resourcefulness. I like it. So much so I’m regurgitating it for you to digest.

It smells like Wa Legal based on the subject matter as well as the zip code in the Pitney Bowes postage. It also seems to fit into a recent postcard spell. 


Sometimes it makes me wonder when a postcard takes 5 days to travel from Belltown to Rainier Beach why consumers today feel entitled to expect all their clicky-clickies to show up in 18 hours or less. 


I can’t give you legal advice 

I’m not your Bucky             but 

I got your final 50 fucking feet  


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