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let's roll

October 17, 2022

Can’t say I knew much of anything about Bob Roll until he was the third wheel to Phil & Paul’s OLN broadcasts of the Tour back when I’d get up early and watch most of the stages before work, back when whatshisname was winning, juiced up beyond belief. 

I bought Bobke II when it came out because I liked what I heard from Roll. (Bobke is Flemish for Bobby) After kinda sorta skimming through it, I put it on a shelf for about 18 years until I chucked it in the free library with all the other books I used to think I needed to hang on to. 

When Junior took this shot last week, I took a closer look and noticed Bobke was still standing there, months later, untouched by friends or neighbors. So I pulled it off the shelf and gave it another chance.

Now I’m reading it again with a new older perspective. 


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