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on the spectrum

September 20, 2022

Shan Jiang artwork

Bicycle Coloring Book

colors inverted here


open to interpretation

open to outcome

but not attached          


just say no

said Nancy Reagan

1986 or so 


that year I

cracked my first

Rainier tall can 


dialectical behavior therapy

presto:     opposites integrated

slinging snake oil 


psychosomatic placebo effects

unlimited prescription refills

in   your   mind 


blurring the lines

smoothing the transitions

coffee-beer continuuming 


it’s not hiding

in plain sight

it’s just right


one of these

kids is doing

his own thing


they are not

looking out for

your best interests


team building exercise

puked a little

in my mouth


going anaerobic on

a single set

of stairs...        ...shit


black cat path

steaming hot wort

bike lane ends


merge with traffic

I am traffic

whatever bro      if


you say so  

for what you

wish    careful be


on the spectrum

so far along 

in fact                      he’s


around the horn

and back again

headed for home 


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