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the wheelie gene

August 31, 2022

This kid’s smile says, “I like bikes. Bikes are cool. And my bike is really cool, as you can see. Hydraulic disc brakes on 16” wheels and a Gates carbon drive.” 


I’d never heard of these bikes until Hultman sent me this picture. Oftentimes little kid bikes weigh as much as their parents bikes and there wasn’t much you could do about it. But now you can get your kid a bike that’s lighter than yours, a lot lighter and a lot cooler too. 


This is Jason’s kid, obviously at home on a bike. If there is a wheelie gene, Jason has it, without a doubt. And if it’s possible to pass on that wheelie gene to the next generation then this kid has it too. 


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Alistair. said...

Holy crap. Checked out that link and those bikes are awesome. Wish there'd been something available like that when my daughter was younger.

Posted August 31, 2022 06:00 PM | Reply to this comment

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