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post marked post consumer post nasal drip

August 27, 2022









“you get out what you input” said the 1982 computer guide 


reciprocity reciprocating returning round trip 


payback (the big payback) said James Brown 


like a sawzall or a two-way street it goes both ways 


a postcard beats the shit out of a text message on the tangibility meter. a postcard is the definition of tangible. you can touch it, you can smell it, you can taste it and if you try really hard you can hear it too. 


handmade hand delivered hand-me-down. a beer label, six pack box or random packing material…   …111% post-consumer waste upcycled into a postcard postmarked yesterday and on its way to you and you and you two too. 






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Judy Isaacson said...

It is/was in the mail

Posted August 30, 2022 01:06 PM | Reply to this comment

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