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bilateral mandibular tori

August 9, 2022

This time it’s for real. The letters are not just microsoft paint’d on there  They’re silk screened onto the wood next to the crow, who is spray painted. Junior and Junior Junior haven’t noticed yet. But they will. When they do, they’ll ask “why dad?”


Because it brings me joy. And it’s facing the garage so 99 out of 100 passers by will not even see it there on the south side of Little Free Library charter #100780


The medium via which literature travels is part of the meaning that occurs. A book beholds you, is very patient and really there with you on a hill or under a blanket or in the tub. The book itself is not trying to absorb and reflect and grab you. 

–Jason Zuzga, FENCE




read a book

read a book 

read a motherfuckin book 

--Bomani Armah



read this book

read this book

read this really great book

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