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1.5 degrees of Adam Smith

August 5, 2022

Toothaker photo



Found a moment today in my hectic schedule to meet Toothaker at Recycled Cycles for a coffee break when it occurred to me,  that if you ride a bike, you can’t swing a stick at Recycled without hitting someone you used to know, someone you used to work with or someone you still work with. 


Look over there (where?)

There, there's a lady that I used to know

She's married now, or engaged, or something, so I am told


We’re all within 1.5 degrees of Adam Smith, the guy that corrected me when I put out that dickstank featuring Justin Moe and Tyler Goldsmith, both PM legal vets. 


Adam said, “it’s more like 2 degrees of PM Legal” 


Please note J. Moe’s Recycled jersey. 


same as it ever was   ± 23 years  



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