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sour grapes

May 10, 2022

all in your mind

all the time


in your dreams

the struggle is real


achieving that

unachievable ideal


sour grapes 



double standard



in you it’s

so easy to see


the denial 

in me


how can your brain 

not run with a story 


inspired by the puddle of puke

in the elevator vestibule 


piles of last night’s 

spicy chicken yakisoba


visions of a celebration

of one   and one too many


one significant impact

unlocking the full potential


can you see through it all?

look beyond    the theme


get behind the scenes

check  the  technique


crisp     flip

toggle switch


ON or OFF         no

halfass halfbaked halfway


neither here nor            there

once was a man from Racine


singer songwriter

sword swallower





doodie bag   dental pick

swisher sweet       KN95


ramifications of the question

can any trained monkey do it?


don’t assume everyone with 

the information can do the job


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