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Al Gore invented the internet to share kitten photos (ONE YEAR LATER)

May 5, 2022

pilder asser said...

The Smokey on the right, the one with short hair, likes beer. (if Iíve told you this story already you can fast forward to tomorrow) After pouring a beer from the keg I often spotted Smokey at the tap lapping up the residual drops dripping. One night when I was at the WA Legal Christmas party and the family was out at a movie, Smokey pulled the tap handle and opened things up, draining the entire mostly-full keg onto the basement floor. Completely killing it as well as the canister of CO2. Since then the kegerator has been living in the garage. I shared this story with the resident cat expert at Georgetown Brewing and now Iíve shared it with you and Al Gore.

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