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the boulevard is not that bad

January 11, 2022


my bartender calls it an IPA

my barista calls it a tall drip

my old lady calls it boring


I call it dependable



like clockwork like  

routine   consistency 


hard wired  

muscle memory

call me crusty



player piano bro

r  e  g  u  l  a  r


it’s not that I love routine

I’d rather direct my energy 

toward other things




At my local Brew Pub the bartender “G” has a pint of Scarlet Fire pouring as I walk through the door and it’s in my hand long before the tourist family that’s inline in front of me finishes sampling and tasting and asking questions about each and every beer on tap.

At one of the only coffee shops that's open on campus these days the barista “B” has a tall drip poured for me long before all the Health Sciences undergrads order their white chocolate mochas and 2.67 pumps of vanilla foo foo moo choo drinks. When she sets it on the counter for me I get some looks because there were no words exchanged between us and my drink is ready before the six people in front of me.

Once upon a simpler time I frequented a coffee shop so often that they named one of their bagel sandwiches after me. Then they went out of business. Correlation,  but let's not jump to causation. 

Call me crusty. I call it kickass customer service for a consistent customer.

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