what was that? is that all there is? who is this? this is it.

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same old shit unprecedented

January 4, 2022

slept past my stop

forgot to get a transfer

front and center at the foot of the altar

cathedral        stained glass sunbeam

illuminating Our Lady of What Might Have Been

pinching rosary beads for what will never be

praying Patron Saint of Potential Unfulfilled

racking up credits

on a pinball machine in a dream

feeding the feedback loop

shoulda-coulda monster under the bed

waiting                                   hibernating

another late night visit from the Regret Fairy

pillow sprinkled with magic indecision dust

hocus pocus

can’t say no

afraid to say yes

the fence makes the grass look greener

hard deadlines all in my mind

arbitrary expiration dates

best if used by 1997

commitment contract concession

giving up unlimited nights & weekends

offering anytime minutes anytime

replay relationship conversation





never said

it goes without saying 


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