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it's like riding a bike

December 30, 2021

You know what they say… 

…don’t judge a neurology journal by its cover  


But that’s exactly what I did. A quick flip through the pages of Continuum and I realized I have no interest in plowing through its contents. But the cover is a keeper. 


The artwork is a bit stodgy and square, computer generated like a minecraft character my kids created. But it gets the point across and gets me thinking about procedural memory. Which is something I  never think about. Like riding a bike. Procedural memories are all the things we’ve learned how to do and do without thinking. Like walking or chewing and swallowing. Muscle memories, now subconsciously hard wired. 


Stir in some semantic memory: general knowledge about the world that includes facts, concepts, and ideas.  If you surveyed the entire population of people that ride bikes on earth, there would be some cross-cultural differences but a whole lot of similarities. 


To top it all off,  sprinkle on some episodic memories. Like that beautiful sunny spring day 32 years ago when I took some acid and rode a bike around in circles for hours on an old outdoor ice rink. 


seamless transitions along the continuum




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