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up hill both ways in the snow

December 26, 2021

these boots aren't made for walking

but that's just what they'll do



A series of short errands strung together

into a life        cycling

in the margins of utility

sincerely  for real  really

seeking authenticity

the subtle satisfaction that

comes with completion of a roundtrip

out and back

completing the circle

hitting for the cycle

setting them up

to knock them down

epic work ethic

follow through

tunnel vision

laser focus


arbitrary deadlines

misdirected energy

goal disoriented

confusion play-action   crucifixion  

getting pulled in two directions

had a hard time making up my mind

got to get good at making do

but don’t make me do it

like 1” slicks on a full-suspension mountain bike

like ape hangers on a time trial bike

like a fish metaphor mixed out of water

“how does this job fit into your five-year plan?”

she asked at the end of the interview

dumbfounded     seriously

are you fucking kidding me?

you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone

who operates under the assumption that

hard work gets you more than

more hard work

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. said...

Bitter blustery moisture

Posted December 27, 2021 06:18 AM | Reply to this comment

walk a mile in my shoes said...

pilder. If I wanted to be a foot messenger, Id work at ABC in the 90s. But the boss says walk it out no bikes, leave your bike at base. Walk. Just the thought of it makes my feet sore and reminds me of snow stints walking at Wa Legal and SeaLeg. Walking is so so slow. And with out the electric assist bathtub, where the fuck do I put all the mail? Trolling a hand truck around town on new neural pathways. Reminds me of the epic snows of 2008. Reminds me how Im not set up for this. But all this shit brings some new appreciation for 45 and rain.

Posted December 28, 2021 06:04 AM | Reply to this comment

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