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chip off the old block

December 24, 2021

Some months ago Dr. 37 sent me a little care package that included three of his old dead bike computers.  Collecting dust on the workbench in the garage for a while they'd say hi once in a while until a couple weeks ago when I found a cute little scrap of wood in the junk pile of the architecture department. It was drilled full of holes but cut just right for these purposes. I happened to have a little bit of JB Weld sitting around. When the very last bit of each tube squeezed out the ratio was off a bit. As the black puddle was bigger than the gray puddle. However, as I told 37, even a halfass mix of JB Weld is probably strong enough to secure the static load on this particular project. To top it all off I tacked on an old old brake cable. In situ resource utilization all around.  I snapped a photo before I stuffed it back in the same box 37 sent me and wrapped it all up in a brown paper sack. Now it’s a little bit of history 110% post-consumer waste upcycled, recycled and bicycled back to the post office and straight into Whatcom County. 


I thought I’d be talking about this sometime next week. But the USPS rocked the shit out of it. Taking it 90 miles and the final fifty fucking feet in 28 hours. 


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37 said...

And now it is in its rightful place next to a piece from 02 Joey, right back where it started. A perfect circle.

Posted December 26, 2021 09:25 PM | Reply to this comment

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