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ignorance is bliss

November 5, 2021

wacky cliques click       tacky clocks tick
indecisive advisor a divisive incisor
two for you     two for me    too
two too many    tutu shimmy
blown out chamois
two of a kind          kind of
pair up        pare down
lose weight    it’s a long wait
pull up a chair in the waiting room
wipe down a bench in the weight room
non fat mocha extra whip
extracurricular            extramarital trip
late night liaison lair
laissez faire      kissing cousins   county fair
it’s all there   it’s only fair     pay the fare
lawyer = liar     liar liar house on fire
outerlayer outlander outlier
bit player  bricklayer  3-ply toilet paper
thin veneer                              one more beer

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it's all so 2008 bro said...

reverse peristalsis

Posted November 5, 2021 05:45 AM | Reply to this comment

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