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3781 Okanogan Lane NE

October 27, 2021

same shit

different year

you are here


you have been here

you’ll probably 

be here again


just this side of

3781 Okanogan Lane NE

aka   Benson Hall    bro


you    know

chemical engineering

it’s kind of a big deal 


google it




Some time in the last couple years pre-post apocalypse as I unstrapped another oversized amazon box to schlepp it the final fifty fucking feet into Bagley or Benson a car whizzed by and I probably thought it was just another asshole uber driver speeding down a narrow oneway lane to pickup an entitled kid that was too lazy to walk back to his frat house. But it was a google drone vehicle gathering up more intelligence in the name of street view maps.  2019ish based on that cluster of Lime Bikes.


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pilder said...

can't say Okanogan without thinking of Jonny Sundt and C Forest Hoag

Posted October 27, 2021 09:15 AM | Reply to this comment

same shirt different year said...

cutoff Dickies? check. blownout Sambas? check. totally worked Lazer helmet? check. keep that frown upside down.

Posted October 27, 2021 11:34 AM | Reply to this comment

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