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mother love bone

October 22, 2021

bib knickers


cherry pickers


another ice cold roadmaster

vacuous  weather forecaster

man made natural disaster


like a crow’s feet

queen size fitted sheet

down a dead end street


same shirt  different way

same  shit   different  day

same shift   different pay


slippery truncated domes

little drunk garden gnomes

fat fucking Clyde Hill homes


random name generator

love bone mother

rad bike power


whack a mole

takes its toll

you’re on a roll


to sleep   perchance 

to dream   poopy pants

livestrong like Lance


Louisa Boren park

it’s a shot in the dark

Meriwether Lewis + William Clark


Samba Classic

crunchy Vlasic

single use plastic


dog & pony show

gift wrapped with a bow

dressed up and nowhere to go


from the hip

double dip

lower lip


plausible deniability

barking up the wrong tree

issue a life of quality


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