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bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses just don't bring me your rad power bike

September 16, 2021



I know a guy that has his finger on the pulse of the ebike industry. Actually he’s all up in there with both hands. In his shop they’ve had to draw the line with a policy that’s kinda sorta summed up by this sign. 


Any jackass can buy anything these days and have it shipped to their door. This includes an ebike. When it arrives they pull it out of the box, charge the battery, finger-tight the bolts and ride away at 25 mph.  When things go wrong they bring it into their local bike shop where the average mechanic says “we don’t work on ebikes” So they take it to a shop that specializes in ebikes and the mechanics there have to say “we don’t work on piece-of-shit internet ebikes”


if the bike retails for $1000 it probably cost about $157 dollars to produce in a HUGE factory in China. Which means the quality of the components is less than Huffy level. Down below Wal-Mart bikes bro. Sketchy shit that goes really fast. 


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Alistair. said...

Oh, how I hope that that sign really does exist in a bike shop somewhere.

Posted September 16, 2021 05:13 PM | Reply to this comment

. said...

So there’s this new idea of easy I have to sell you. In the meantime we are going to take a relook at this round thing we might call a « wheel » and reinvent it. Maybe call it “mad-fiber”.

Posted September 16, 2021 09:45 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder asser said...

You’ve probably already seen it but I’d like to draw your attention to the Bike Blog thing referring to the ebike article which refers to the bike blog which refers to the article which refers to the bike blog. As usual the highlight of it all is the comment section. Like Alistair says, it’s filled with self-righteous Seattle cyclists saving the world, one bike blog comment at a time.

Posted September 17, 2021 05:12 AM | Reply to this comment

russhole said...

saw a hobo pushing a radbike with a flat tire through the safe outdoordiningarea on 43rd this afternoon... finger-tight the bolts and ride away at 25 mph on your new EXTREME HUFFY right into the side of an amazon van. Let's roll!

Posted September 17, 2021 06:51 PM | Reply to this comment

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