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shimmed out with a Bodhi can

August 15, 2021

That sliver of orange peeking out from within the Salsa SUL stem is no accident. As you know it’s there so that you know that I know that you know that I shimmed-out this giant swept back dork bar with a can of Bodhizafa.  Nothing beats a beer can for shimming out 25.4 clamp diameters. Don’t bring me Diet Coke or LaCroix or cold brew foo-foo cans. It’s all about in situ resource utilization (ISRU) that IS R U fucking kidding me? Actually it’s all about IPA.   


Over the weekend I swapped handlebars setting off a sequence of events including unrolling a country mile of cable housing splaying off these big dork bars in every direction. Which inspired me to ditch the front thumb shifter and front derailleur and all that unwieldy housing because I never shifted the thing off the little big ring anyway. I also pushed the rear shifter away from the brake lever, around the horn in toward the stem. So instead of a wide sweeping 180 turn the housing now has a neat little 90 turn down to the el diablo. Shifting is overrated.  I shift once or twice on my epic (train) ride to/from work and I can still shift with my thumb. 


now it’s an old man’s 1 x 7 


aka:  the ultimate urban utility bike



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pilder asser said...

the next step back on the curmudgeon time line neo retrofit is a single downtube shifter

Posted August 16, 2021 09:55 AM | Reply to this comment

so 7 years ago said...


Posted August 17, 2021 05:50 AM | Reply to this comment

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