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July 3, 2021

As of a few hours ago I’m the proud owner of a Wheel Fanatyk tape measure. Some might say it’s just another tape measure but those in-the-know know a tape measure means a lot. 


When I worked on bikes all day, I insisted on having a tape with both metric and standard and I thought that was about all I could ask for. Park tool makes one but it’s tepid and doesn’t make me want to write a paragraph.  


The Wheel Fanatyk tape is great for several reasons. You can actually feel its quality in your hand. Ric’s description sums it up so well he sold me on it enough to buy one for myself and another for a friend. 


I worked a bit for some contractors that were framing houses and they were particular about their 25' tapes in other ways. But I’ve never seen a tape measure printed on both sides with so many features ideal for a bike mechanic. 


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