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rest assured

June 26, 2021

if   e n e r g y

is never destroyed

and only changes form

then  why  am  I  so  tired

building intestinal fortitude

sudden loss in cabin pressure

first pull up        then pull down

firmly     pulling      toward      you

place    over    your  nose and mouth

over   the   toilet   seat   breathe   normally

provided by management for your protection

help yourself    before   you help those around

you drop the kids off at the pool deposit in the

collective unconscious withdrawals happen

involuntarily      across   sleep  state   lines

on the plus side negative ions are good

that’s the smell of falling water

manmade lakes ache for fish

when the shit goes down

rock   paper   scissors

don’t worry about it

the    long    and

the short of it







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pilder asser said...

another mashup from deep in the archives

Posted June 26, 2021 12:33 PM | Reply to this comment

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