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Junior Junior Junuary

June 25, 2021

Just a few weeks ago I was walking with Junior Junior on a typical Junuary Seattle afternoon:  58 degrees and raining. 


The old joke around here has been: Summer in Seattle starts July 5th. 


But not this year. We had a couple classic Junuary days but now the temperature forecasts are blowing the fuck up 


and you may ask yourself 

what would Cliff Mass do?



I believe Cliff Mass would start his Friday early and I know he’d have a coozie on his beer can


If I ever get my hands on some Atmospheric Sciences patches I will get them to those guys at DANK bags so they can make another one-of-a-kind coozie like the one I keep on hand to start my Friday in the shadow of Husky Stadium aka the Sports Medicine parking lot before I tackle another epic (train) ride home 


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