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long story short shorter shortest

June 11, 2021

seek and you just might find


the shortest stem a stem can be


a cute little block of aluminum with two cylindrical tunnels carved out of it. inch and an eighth vertical and 31.8 horizontal. nothing more. 


Tina let me in the warehouse and before I could finish saying what I was looking for Seth pulled out a milkcrate full of stems and I plucked the one I needed off the top.  10 seconds. done. 


Bike Works continues to kick ass. 

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pilder said...

I think 40mm is about as short as it gets. perhaps with a 25.4 clamp you could pack it down a few more mm.

Posted June 12, 2021 07:26 AM | Reply to this comment

pilderwasserformerkicker said...

that shortest stem I've ever ridden is now clamped onto the widest bars I've ever ridden on the biggest electric assist bathtub I ride everyday

Posted June 17, 2021 05:30 AM | Reply to this comment

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