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fictive spaces

April 14, 2021

"The vanishing point in paintings forms part of a linear perspective scheme. It is the point in fictive space which is supposed to appear the furthest from the viewer - the position at which all receding parallel lines meet."


Sitting down staring up at the clouds staring out into space staring indirectly at the architecture here and there pondering the parallel lines receding to their cute little vanishing points. I’m a big fan of exploring fictive space while hanging out in architecturally pleasing open spaces.


The Life Sciences Building (LSB) is no Yamasaki but it sure has a lot of parallel lines. Part of my route includes posting up holding down its benches standing by among all its lines and friendly crows and open air. It reminds me of the Rainier Tower aka 1301 5th and patio parties past. I’d often sit there staring at the Yamasaki architecture watching the lines recede. Hanging on the beep. Standing the fuck by. 





Across 5th Ave kitty-corner from the Rainier Tower is the IBM building. You can call it 1200 5th, another Yamasaki that has an exoskeleton just like the Twin Towers had. Built in 1964, it was on Minoru’s resume when he got the big gig in New York.  Ask me about controlled demolition. Ask me about Todd Beamer. Ask me about Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire. The IBM building has a peaceful courtyard patio plaza where I spent many a minute standing by tipping tall boys and or roadmasters hiding in plain sight. 



Across 4th Ave catty-corner from the Rainier Tower you'll find the Financial Center aka 1215 4th. When I was your age we'd call it purple for a so-called RV like those bikes lined up all neat like an Ames room illusion and up the stairs above what was the wine bar "Purple" there's another peaceful roof-top deck to roadmaster as Steve demonstrated when I took a picture so it'd last longer. My last day as a bike messenger I had a beer up there, with fucking Flapjack of all people, contemplating my exit strategy which turned out to be handing in my radio and riding home with no clue to what was next. 




I'm just cherry picking here in retrospect because I guess here & now is what was next.

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