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just another dental pick pic

April 2, 2021

Visualize a container ship like the one that was stuck in the Suez Canal holding 20,000 containers, each the size of a semi truck trailer. Within each of those containers are pallets stacked with hundreds and hundreds of cases and cases adding up to multi millions of single use dental floss picks that potential users will floss with then chuck on the ground in and around your place of work, near your home as well as parks, playgrounds and public spaces. 


floss it. 


fuck it. 


chuck it. 


Just another dental pick pic for my next next coffee table book.  This one already went out to Dr. 37 Mike as soon as I snapped it amused with the authentic UW colorway.   Once again I’d like to remind you how happy I am that Junior Junior has not yet developed an eye for these things in situ like he did for Swisher Sweet wrappers. 

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37 said...

Once junior junior sees, he cannot unsee.

Posted April 2, 2021 09:11 AM | Reply to this comment

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