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shaving cream & other delights

April 1, 2021

In my left hand I hold the Wizard Staff-Hodala-AHTBM calendar, Herb Albert's Whipped Cream & Other Delights on vinyl and finally Soul Asylumís Clam Dip & Other Delights CDÖ† † † ...not necessarily in that order. Have I already said this six times before? What day is it? repeatedly † repeating† † repeatedly.† Repeat as needed, especially after a few beers.††

When I sent these same three photos to Sally way way back in 2020 he responded with ďI didnít have the production budget they hadĒ † But I think Sally et al did a fine job. Itís spot-on on April Fools Day.

I have a soft spot for calendars†and flipping their pages at the end of the month and the invented idea of the passage of time and what the marketing fucks want you to think about it in the name of selling more greeting cards.†

56 years ago today this Herb Albert album was released. When I was a kid my mom had it on vinyl and as for the music I could take it or leave it. Kinda like the soundtrack of a cheesy movie or a polyester clad gameshow montage.† But I spent some serious time staring at that cover. Which is why itís still here today on the wall at HQ.††

With more than†just a soft spot for Soul Asylumís contributions to the world. Once again I appreciate the album cover more than the songs contained within. I canít recall ever listening to it. Itís just another artifact on display in the shop collecting dust and other delights.†

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