what was that? is that all there is? who is this? this is it.

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talking the talk - XXVII

March 17, 2021



play that one more time


keep your finger on the button

feel for a pulse

oh I see  it’s a parable

no actually  it’s a parabola

no matter how you hit it

it comes back to get you

not too hot to pick up

but too hot to hold

onto other things

Is that all there is?

What was that?

Who is this?

This is it


hurry up


get on the elevator

get in your car

get in traffic

get home

get in front of the tv

get in bed 

get to sleep

get up 

get to work


play it again


Does this phone look ok with my hair?

Does this outfit look ok with my career?

looking to the future of a redshirt kindergartener

handmade with love by a Chinese prisoner

it’s the best of both worlds

too bad we’re in the third world

baby needs new shoes

baby can go barefoot

we’re not related and it’s all relative

confusing to the courteous

it’s a five-way intersection

where Antidepressant Ave

runs parallel to Depression Blvd



back up

play it again 

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pilder asser said...

Does this bike make my butt look big? Does this car fit the image Iím trying to project on instagram? Is it more work to pretend to look like Iím working than it is to actually do some work? Talking the talk makes me sick. shut the fuck up and walk the walk. I wrote the little remote control ditty above some time in 2007 or something like that. What year is it? The St. Patricks Day sad sappy little glitter painting is still in the window in the office at Guthrie Hall over one year later a weak little reminder of the last 52 weeks #flatten the curve #stay strong #blah blah blah...

Posted March 17, 2021 06:05 AM | Reply to this comment

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