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February 23, 2021

scan the code

download the app

join the club


now you’re under control 

you do what they  told  ya 

now you’re under control 


repeat as needed


because it bears repeating


I asked for an Immortal and he said oh no no you can’t order from me as he handed me the laminated card with the QR code...


...all I wanted was a pepsi, actually it was an IPA but I didn’t have the app to scan the code to download the menu to order the beer to pay with a credit card to sit outside of a bar I used to frequent frequently so I said fuck this and went to the corner store for a six pack. 


50% off jack shit = jack shit 


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jack shit said...

check out the all new pilderwasser frequent flyer app ::: jack shit ::: with special bonus features accessible only to members and the opportunity to earn points for prizes such as 99 cents off your next Uber Eats order or 67 cents off your next Lime Scooter rental. membership implies your consent and agreement with all terms & conditions including but not limited to pilderwasser unlimitedís unlimited access to your browser history, files, photos, contacts and location at all times on all days. download the app today.

Posted February 23, 2021 02:37 PM | Reply to this comment

pidlerwater said...

scan the code on the insulated wine tumbler and join the club

Posted February 24, 2021 09:03 AM | Reply to this comment

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