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i met a non-dairy creamer

January 25, 2021

to Chemical Engineering I delivered this case of 200 Coffee Mate creamers contained in cute little 11 ml plastic cuppies destined for the landfill sooner and or later.  I’d like to think that someone’s up in there doing something chem E related to that corn syrup soybean shit but the truth is it’s going into some crusty old timer's crusty old coffee cup.  


pull up a chair and postup somewhere on the coffee-beer continuum but please don’t put that shit in your coffee. sitting in the same seat 12 hours apart once for coffee once for beer once more for coffee and beer like clockwork like.  you can set your watch by it kinda like my coffee pot plugged in on top of the kegerator. what time is it? what day is it? same shit different drink. same drink different day. same day different drink. same bench different coozie. same coffee cup but that's not coffee bro. 


reminds me of that good old first-stop-in-the-morning-was-your-last-stop-last-night routine.  reminds me of a Perkins Coie vs podunk lawyer rush round trip signature coffee story. reminds me always and forever of GBV. 


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