what was that? is that all there is? who is this? this is it.

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it's good

December 17, 2020


It’s all in your mind

It was a good idea at the time

It’s just between you and me

It makes an ass out of you and me

It’s six of one half dozen the other

It's a tautology

It is what it is or it isn't

It’s a shot in the dark

It’s a walk in the park

It’s neither here nor there

It’s everywhere

It’s a put on 

It puts the lotion on its skin

It’s a sticky situation

It makes sense to me

It makes no sense at all 

It smells fishy

It brings joy to the family

It doesn’t add up

It can’t be 

It makes me queasy

It's not your Bucky

It looks like chocolate tastes like shit

It fits

It’s not rocket surgery

It’s learned helplessness

It’s a boy

It’s up to you

It’s soaking through

It pays for itself

It’s credit card only

It’s slippery when wet

It’s a safe bet

It’s raining

It’s my Friday

It’s your responsibility

It comes with the territory

It’s a peaceful easy feeling

It begs the question

It’s a quality of life issue

It’s closed until further notice

It's a 501(c)(3)

It's dry clean only

It’s a slope slippery 

It’s the beginning of the end

It's not fair

It's laissez-faire

It's what the market will bear

It's collusion

It was controlled demolition

It's no use

It's the hypotenuse

It’s hard to define but I know it when I see it

It’s horseshit

It tastes like chicken

It’s a win-win situation 

It’s obvious

It’s inconceivable

It's implicit

It’s not your first rodeo

It’s for your own safety

It’s a family affair

It’s good 


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Vinatieri from 48 said...

It was fun while it lasted.

Posted December 19, 2020 12:00 AM | Reply to this comment

Santa said...

it's some assembly required

Posted December 20, 2020 08:31 AM | Reply to this comment

it's a wonderful life said...

only when NBC says it is

Posted December 26, 2020 11:10 AM | Reply to this comment

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